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A Chilling That ’70s Show Theory Believes Eric Was In A Coma During Season 4 And Passed Away During The Finale

As of season 4 of That '70s Show, a theory suggests Eric was in a coma until the very end of the show.

That ’70s Show fans are quite the creative bunch, and have come up with several theories over the years. Some seem to be accurate and possible, like Bea, Kitty’s mom taking Burt’s life… However, other theories kind of sound like they came out of ‘the circle’… Like Randy being Leia’s real dad, and not Eric… We’ll have more on the unpopular theory a little later, along with how fans believe Hyde is still involved in the reboot.

This particular theory is among the more popular online. It suggests that Eric was in a coma during season 4 following the Tornado episode. The signs seem to be quite legitimate, and it would also make sense as to why the dates being all over the place on the show.

We’ll reveal why the chilling theory makes sense, and how it would all lead to Eric passing away during the finale.

A Theory Suggests Eric Was In Coma Following The Tornado Prom Episode In Season 4

Fans have come up with several theories for That ’70s Show and their beloved characters. This one in particular, is the most popular and involves Eric and a coma during season four.

During the episode ‘Tornado Prom’, Eric is forced to drive and pick up Donna. However, on the radio while he’s driving and a tornado is in the back of him, the radio announces that a local teen is in critical condition.

The Ranker theory writes, “With the tornado warning in effect, if the Formans received a phone call from the police or hospital, it’s possible they didn’t hear it. The nearest phone is in the kitchen upstairs, and their lines could easily be down anyway.”

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The theory then suggests that Eric is filling in the blanks for the rest of series – and that’s the reason for the messy timeline on That ’70s Show, which always seemed to be inaccurate.


“The reason the timeline beyond that episode is so messed up is that it’s Eric’s mind filling in the blanks. His mind tries to resolve any unresolved conflicts, and possibly forms new ideas (like new couples or careers) by his friends and family talking to him. Maybe some of those things actually did happen, but just not in the same timeline (or same situations) that he imagined,” the theory suggests.

Eric Decides To Finally Let Go And Passes Away During The Finale, According To The Theory

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The theory also suggest that Eric wanted to test what life would be like without him. This is the reason for his trip to Africa.


“In the last season, his brain decides that it’s time to test what his loved ones’ lives would be like without him.”

The theory suggests that once Eric realizes everyone is going to be fine, he passes away. His moment with Donna was meant to be a goodbye.


“He sees that everyone would eventually be okay and move on, and he finally lets go. Him returning in the last minutes of the last episode is most likely his mind’s way of saying goodbye to his loved ones. The significance of finally leaving the 70’s is Eric’s mind finally being ready to let go.”

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A chilling conclusion but clearly, that wasn’t the case given that Eric returns in That ’90s Show, revealed to be Leia’s father. However, fans aren’t stopping with the theories, and they’re even questioning Eric as the father.

That ’70s Show Fan Theories Have Continued Into That ’90s Show, With Randy Being Linked To Leia, And Hyde Linked To Gwen

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This one might be the most unpopular fan theory of them all, and it links Randy to Leia. Given the date of Leia’s birthday, a fan theory attaches Randy as the real father.

Another theory that lots of fans are also discussing, involves Hyde’s secret involvement in the reboot, as Gwen’s dad. Ashley Aufderheide who plays the role of Gwen heard about the theory, and wouldn’t confirm on deny its accuracy.

“I have seen those fan theories. I’m not one of the writers. So really, none of it is in my hands. I don’t know if I have any theories myself on it. I feel like that’s more of a question for the writers. But it’s interesting to see what people have to say and the theories they have.”

She continues, “I don’t really have any real reactions. It’s more just reading overall what people think of Gwen and who she is as a person. The people that are connected to her.”

That would be quite the interesting twist…

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