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That ’90s Show’s Best Season 2 Cameo Could Redeem A ‘70s Show Mistake

That '90s Show season 2 has a great opportunity to fix one of That '70s Show's earliest mistakes by bringing back a big name cameo guest star.

While That ‘90s Show didn’t mention many minor characters from That ‘70s Show, season 2 of the sitcom spinoff could bring back one important guest star. That ‘90s Show did not include many nods to the countless minor characters of That ‘70s Show. For the most part, this creative choice makes sense for the sitcom spinoff. That ‘90s Show wanted to introduce its own characters and develop an appeal independent of its predecessor, so constantly reminding viewers about That ‘70s Show minutiae could have drawn attention away from the show’s new cast members and their storylines. However, since That ‘90s Show season 2 is officially happening, the spinoff can now bring back more characters.

While How I Met Your Father waited until its season 1 finale to bring back a main How I Met Your Mother cast member, That ‘90s Show already introduced viewers to the grownup versions of Kelso, Eric, Donna, Jackie, and Fez. Since Hyde’s absence from That ‘90s Show will continue in season 2, it would make sense for the spinoff to now extend its world out to include more supporting characters from Point Place. That ‘90s Show season 2 could see the return of Shannon Elizabeth’s Brooke (a plot that would address Kelso’s other daughter), or Jim Rash’s Fenton. However, there is another guest star the show should bring back.

That ‘90s Show Season 2 Could Bring Back Buddy

Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Eric's friend Buddy on That '70s Show

That ‘90s Show season 2, with its longer run, could bring back Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Buddy and flesh out the one-note character. Not only is Gordon-Levitt still a huge star, but this plot line could also prove that Eric and Buddy stayed in touch. While later That ‘70s Show twists were pretty transparent ploys for ratings, the revelation that Buddy was gay in That ‘70s Show season 1, episode 1, “Eric’s Buddy,” was handled surprisingly well for a sitcom episode from 1998. However, Buddy was never seen again after his debut – though That ‘90s Show season 2 could fix this.

An older returning Buddy could bond with That ‘90s Show’s LGBTQ+ hero Ozzie, and his presence could illustrate how Eric’s attitudes have changed in the decades since the ‘70s. While Eric wasn’t hostile to Buddy when he learned he was gay, the fact that the character was never seen again did seem to imply that the pair didn’t stay friends. That ‘90s Show season 2 could undo this, much like the series effectively retconned the silliest Hyde twist by cutting the character altogether. Moreover, this would allow That ‘90s Show to make up for a major mistake made by the show’s predecessor.

That ’70s Show Wasted Its First LGBTQ+ Character

Buddy Morgan looking curious in That 70s Show

By forgetting about him after his introduction, That ‘70s Show wasted its first LGBTQ+ character. Although later seasons did eventually introduce Fenton, the opportunity for Buddy to become part of That ‘70s Show’s central friend group was squandered due to poor audience reactions to “Eric’s Buddy.” While That ‘90s Show does feature an LGBTQ+ lead character in the form of Ozzie, this is a lot less groundbreaking in 2023. As such, That ‘90s Show season 2 bringing back That ‘70s Show’s Buddy could allow the sitcom to make up for an early wasted opportunity.

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