This is an Albert Wesker Gun Replica in Resident Evil 7 that has been brought back to the public

Capcom and Tokyo Marui have both revealed plans to re-release the Albert Wesker Model 01P airsoft gun replica from Resident Evil 7, which is currently priced at 25,080 yen (or approximately $173) or Amazon Japan ($19,475 yen $134) and is available for overseas shipping.

The Umbrella Corporation name is on the left side of the chamber, while the name of the model is Albert. W. Model 01P. The gun’s handle is adorned with the Blue Umbrella logo.

The gun is a standard equipment item that Chris Redfield and Blue Umbrella use to clean up the Baker House Incident. It is a replica of the Samurai Edge pistol that was previously owned by S.T.A.R.S. members of the Raccoon City Police Department and is now included in the game.

View additional images of the Albert W Model 01P airsoft gun from Resident Evil 7: Interactive Gallery:.

The company also introduced the Albert W Model 01P replica for Tokyo Marui on August 2018; and released a Resident Evil 4 remake replica in February 2023, including several models for Jill, Chris, and Leon. Additional Resident Evil airsoft gun replicas have also been developed.

Tokyo Marui and Amazon Japan, along with Rakuten, are the retailers that have offered a Resident Evil 7 replica of the Airsoft cartridge. Resident Evil 7 is now available for purchase on Amazon and other retailers through cloud streaming.

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