First Look: Bergara Competition Rifle 6GT

Take full advantage of the increasingly popular 6mm GT long-range cartridge.

Bergara Rifles has just added the 6mm GT chambering to its popular line of Premier Competition Rifles, which is one of the company’s highest-level-production, factory-configured product lines.

“This cartridge takes all the great aspects from the other 6s [6mm cartridges] around it, while leaving all of the negatives behind. The 6mm GT is an absolute homerun when paired with our Comp rifle,” says Dakota Russell, Bergara’s Brand Manager.

The 6mm GT is derived from one of the most-accurate rifle cartridges ever fielded, the 6mm BR (benchrest). The 6mm BR is incredibly optimized for accuracy, but its specific geometry left something to be desired in the context of fast bolt-cycling PRS-style matches. The 6mm BR can often jam in a magazine and cost precious seconds. Tweaking this cartridge resulted in the 6mm GT, which is less prone to jamming in a magazine.

Bergara Premier Competition Rifles are optimized for PRS-style precision-rifle matches and are built with a Remington 700-derived action. The rifles are known for having heavier, 26-inch No. 7-profile bull barrels. These heavy and stiff barrels are crucial because they are less sensitive to barrel heat and group shifts, but the added weight also helps to anchor the gun and keep it stable during a stage. These stainless steel barrels are finished with a clear Cerakote finish. The barreled action is mated to an MPA BA rifle chassis which is free-floated and has every type of detail the PRS competitor would appreciate having on their rifle. The butt pad and cheek riser are fully adjustable, the fore-end has an Arca Swiss rail, and the stock makes use of a near-vertical pistol grip. The factory trigger found on this rifle is the result of a collaboration between Trigger Tech and Bergara and is user adjustable and match ready out of the box.

The new Bergara Premier Competition Rifle has an MSRP of $2750

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