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The Robin Williams Movie Disney Is Letting Die

If we told you there was a Robin Williams movie where Dumbledore makes kids operate miniature weapons for the military, you’d probably want to watch it, right? Well, good news, that movie exists, and it’s called Toys! Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to watch and well on its way to being lost media altogether.

Robin Williams As Leslie Zevo In Toys

The movie stars Robin Williams as Leslie Zevo, son of the deceased owner of Zevo Toys, Kenneth Zevo, who is passed over to inherit the company in favor of U.S. Army Lieutenant General Leland Zevo, played by Harry Potter’s Michael Gambon. When the General decides there’s profit in making toys that double as military weapons, it’s up to Leslie to stop him.

Almost Impossible To Watch

In a recent episode of the Genre Vision podcast, hosts Drew and Travis discuss Robin Williams’ forgotten 1992 oddity Toys and just how hard it is to get your hands on a copy. According to Wikipedia the movie was released on VHS in 1993 and DVD in 2001, and that’s it. If you want to watch a physical copy of the movie, you first have to scour eBay for a tape or disc, hope it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and then either dig out your old VCR or pop a 22-year-old DVD in your PS5 and hope it still plays.

Only Streaming On Starz

Even if you did go through all of that trouble, the movie will still be in standard definition and will look and sound terrible compared to the Ultra HD 4K content you’re used to. Robin Williams deserves better than that. In fact, it seems almost impossible that a movie starring the beloved comedian and actor would be so inaccessible, but it is. Toys isn’t available to stream anywhere other than Starz and isn’t even available to rent on Amazon or other VOD services.

Jamie Foxx’s Movie Debut

As pointed out on the podcast, there is an HD transfer of Toys floating out there online, but the methods required to view it are…slightly less than legal. You’d have to be a real Jack Sparrow if you catch our meaning, eh? Piracy. We’re talking about Piracy.

We can’t endorse pirating movies. Not even for a forgotten Robin Williams film with a Tim Burton esthetic featuring Jaimie Foxx’s movie debut. Not even for Toys.


Disney Okay With The Death Of Toys?


The fact that Disney, the current owner of 20th Century Fox and its whole catalog of films, has not released the late Robin Williams’ weirdest movie on Blu-ray is kind of—as the kids say—sus. As of right now, Disney has no plans for a future release or even a restoration of the 30-year film either.

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