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The 10 Best ‘That ’70s Show’ Characters, Ranked by Likability

"Hello, Wisconsin!"

In the small town of Point Place, Wisconsin, lives a group of carefree friends: Eric, Hyde, Kelso, Donna, Jackie, and Fez. There isn’t more to do than talk about their teenage problems, worry about their social status, and get high in Eric’s basement.




That ’70s Show is among the most memorable shows from the early 2000s. It featured a colorful, dynamic, and hilarious ensemble of characters that fans fell quickly in love with. And while most of the show’s main players were likable and memorable, some were more popular than others because of their personality, humor, or a combination of factors.

10. Steven Hyde

Steven J. Hyde portrayed by Danny Masterson
Image via FOX

Steven Hyde is the least likable character in That ’70s Show. He is the cynical friend in the group who often takes advantage of his less intelligent friends by deliberately giving them bad advice. Hyde especially loves messing with Kelso, exploiting his stupidity for laughs.

A typical rebel meant to showcase the era’s anti-authority vibe, Hyde is the show’s bad boy. His personality is often off-putting, especially compared to his kinder, more compelling friends. Hyde is not unlikable per se, but he is far more challenging than any other character in That ’70s Show. Fans will also find him difficult to endure following Danny Masterson‘s sexual assault convictions.

9. Leo

Tommy Chong as Leo
Image by FOX

Leo (Tommy Chong), Hyde’s boss at the photo hut, is a carefree hippie who supports his friends and maintains an easygoing attitude. He has done several things throughout his life that he occasionally remembers. Although he often seems confused, Leo can sometimes give surprisingly good advice.

He is an avid supporter of Hyde and his friends. Leo is optimistic and creative due to his calm, easy outlook on life resulting from one-too-many green cigarettes. Although he is quite funny, Leo can sometimes be frustrating due to his confused nature. Still, he is a funny presence in later seasons, even if he can overstay his welcome.

8. Bob Pinociti

Bargain Bob portrayed by Don Stark
Image by FOX

Bob Pinociti (Don Stark) is Donna’s father. He has an easygoing and agreeable personality, constantly wanting to form a friendship with Red Forman (Kurtwood Smith), his neighbor. He is a small business owner, helping Red during his time of need without strings attached. After his wife, Midge (Tanya Roberts), leaves him, Bob loses his sense of direction, but Red helps him through this difficult time.

Although his personality can sometimes be annoying, Bob is a surprisingly sweet character, especially in a series as cynical as this one. Bob doesn’t appear on every episode of That ’70s Show, but fans can expect a healthy dose of innocent, usually endearing humor whenever he does.

7. Michael Kelso

Played by rom-com king Ashton Kutcher, Michael Kelso is the dim-witted, popular, and handsome member of the group. Although he is Jackie’s boyfriend, he cheats on her with several different girls, including Laurie Forman, Eric’s sister. Kelso often gets away with things because of his good looks, but his outright stupidity can make him annoying.

Kelso is a humorous character who brings light to the toughest of situations, albeit unintentionally. Kutcher is highly enthusiastic in the role, selling Kelso’s wild personality and turning him into one of the show’s breakout characters. Still, Kelso can be quite exasperating due to his overt stupidity; he’s good in small doses.

6. Eric Forman

Topher Grace as Eric Forman in That '70s Show

Topher Grace plays Eric Forman, the nerdy one of the group. He likes Star Wars and Lego, is not athletic, and has trouble connecting with his father due to Red’s tough personality. Eric has a lighthearted, easygoing persona; he’s very much the “boy next door” type, meant to be the audience’s surrogate.

Eric’s sarcastic wit makes him a fan favorite, even if it often gets him in trouble with Red. He is That ’70s Show de-facto protagonist, although he isn’t necessarily the most likable character. His blunt approach and acidic humor are among the best aspects of That ’70s Show, and while he is always supportive of his friends, his clumsiness might put some viewers off.

5. Jackie Burkhart

Jackie Burkhart portrayed by Mila Kunis
Image via FOX

Jackie Burkhart is beautiful, and she knows it. Played by Mila Kunis, Jackie is the youngest of the group and only joins because she is dating Kelso. She is annoying at the beginning of the series but grows and becomes more likable through her friendship with Donna.

Although initially a stereotypically vapid mean girl, Jackie eventually becomes one of That ’70s Show best characters. She is funny, clever, and has a killer fashion sense. Jackie’s sassy behavior also clashes with the group’s dry humor, adding some much-needed flair to the show’s comedy.

4. Fez

Image via Fox

Wilmer Valderrama plays Fez, a foreign exchange student who joins the group. No one knows which country he is from, and the mystery becomes a running gag throughout the show. When the friends meet him for the first time, they cannot remember his name and resort to calling him Fez.

Fex is among That ’70 Show’s most iconic characters. He is flamboyant and prompt to making scenes, exiting conversations by delivering his catchphrase, “I said good day!” Due to his exaggerated accent, quirky fashion sense, and delightful humor, Fez is among the most likable characters in the show and Valderrama’s most recognizable role.

3. Donna Pinciotti

Laura Prepon as Donna Pinciotti in That '70s Show

Laura Prepon’s Donna Pincotti is athletic, smart, and a feminist. She has an idealistic, confident mindset that never comes across as arrogant and self-righteous. Donna becomes Eric’s girlfriend but doesn’t let him boss her around. She is determined to make something of her life and does everything to reach her goals.

Donna is the most likable of the young characters. She is cynical but not a pessimist, bringing a much-needed sense of level-headedness to the group’s teenage antics. Her biting, strong-willed humor is also one of the show’s best aspects, and Prepon’s line delivery makes most of Donna’s jokes highly effective.

2. Red Forman

Red Forman portrayed Kurtwood Smith
Image via FOX

Red Forman is a former war veteran. Despite his tough guy facade, he provides for his family and becomes a father figure for Eric’s friends. When he discovers Hyde’s parents left him, he takes the young man in and helps him change and learn the best way of life.

Despite his tough exterior, Red is hilarious and quite likable. His temperamental personality and explosive nature make him the show’s funniest character, while his famous line, “dumbass,” is perhaps That ’70s Show most memorable. Red isn’t the easiest person to handle, but he is surprisingly caring and warm, making him one of the show’s most compelling figures.

1. Kitty Forman

Kitty Forman portrayed by Debra Jo Rupp on That 70s Show
Image by FOX

Kitty Forman (Debra Jo Rupp) is among television’s most iconic moms. Sweet and caring, Kitty is a hard worker who stops at nothing to create a safe place for her family. She is the person who grounds Red and attempts to handle his temper with humor, loving him despite his many flaws.

Elevated by Rupp’s energetic performance, Kitty is the most likable character in That ’70s Show. Her warmth and playful humor make her a delight, especially when interacting with other characters. Kitty becomes a mother figure to her son’s friends, caring for them with devotion, especially after Eric leaves.

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