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Topher Grace Revealed The Real Reason He Didn’t Date Or Go Out With His That ’70s Show Co-Stars At The Start Of The Series

Topher Grace revealed he was 'messed up' during the first seasons of That '70s Show.

Topher Grace shows little regret looking back at his time on That ’70s Show, and decisions he made while he grew to stardom. Although Spider-Man 3 didn’t receive the best reviews, that actor is thankful for his involvement as the role was a dream come true.

In the following, we’re going to take a closer look at his time on That ’70s Show, and how things played out behind the scenes. There were rumors that Grace wasn’t close to his cast members, but the actor was quick to turn that down.

We’ll reveal what he had to say about his time on the show, and the real reason he didn’t date or hang out with his cast members outside of the show.

Topher Grace Completely Denied Rumors Of A Rift With The That ’70s Show Cast

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It was a long-standing rumor that Topher Grace had a troubling relationship with the That ’70s Show cast, especially given that he decided to leave the show during the final season, pursuing a film career instead with Spider-Man. However, Grace denied those rumors, stating that he was dedicated to the show and cast, while there were no issues behind the scenes either.

“That’s not true,” he said about the feud rumors. “I love them. We get together. I love them.”

Grace would also reveal that the former castmates have a text group together, while Grace also grew close to Wilmer Valderrama after the show.

“Wilmer’s one of my great friends in life. To be thrown into this show together and have such a wonderful time, it’s so great when you meet someone amazing, one of your great life friends, at a real crossroads like that,” he said about the two reuniting. “It was one of the luckiest things ever, that you were on that show, for me.”

However, at the start of That ’70s Show, Grace was a little more distant with cast members off the set. Grace revealed the specific reason for it, and why he didn’t date either.

Topher Grace Revealed He Didn’t Date Or Go Out At The Start Of That ’70s Show And Was Focused On Doing A Good Job With The Show

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In previous interviews, Grace did reveal that he wasn’t out and about with the main cast during That ’70s Show given that he lived a boring lifestyle off-camera. However, there was more to that story. According to Topher, he also refrained from going with the cast and dating due to wanting his focus to be on the show. Grace was new to the world at the time, and he wanted to ensure he was doing the best job possible.

“I was so messed up the first couple of years that a lot of the cast was more fun and would go out more,” he said. “And I didn’t even date anyone the first couple of years. I was so trying to do a good job on the show. Sometimes people will say, ‘Were you not as close to them?’ and it really makes me sad because they’re all still great.”

Perhaps if Topher can go back, maybe he would’ve taken things a little lighter. Nonetheless, he thrived in his role and he did so while having limited experience at the time. The young cast would go on to enjoy lots of success in Hollywood after the show, which is a rarity for a successful sitcom given that some actors usually get typecast.

Topher Grace Had A Blast Filming That ’90s Show With His Old Castmates

Fans were a little worried of Topher’s involvement on That ’90s Show, especially given that the actor revealed watching back That ’70s Show was a tough task.

“It’s hard for me to watch that show in reruns. It makes you so nostalgic. It’d be like if they were rerunning your high school yearbook all the time.”

However, the actor agreed to a return and he was thankful for it given how great it all went.

“It was a gift. They are all such amazing, amazing people who are so influential in my life and who I became. To be able to go back and not just hang out with them together, which was so much fun, but then to be able to work with them… it was great.”

The rest of the cast felt just as great. Wilmer Valderrama in particular revealed that he had his doubts about ever reprising his role of Fez again, but it all felt right when he returned to the set. Though the actor could got particularly emotional during his opening lines given how strong the nostalgia was. Laura Prepon felt the same way, crying on her first day back. It was clearly quite the experience for all the former cast members – the show was really where it all started for all of them.

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