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Replacing Laurie On That 70s Show Was Huge For Christina Moore’s Career

Modern audiences will recognizer Christina Moore as the woman who replaced Lisa Robin Kelly as Laurie Forman on That 70s Show.

Although not a major name or a huge box office draw, Christina Moore enjoys a respectable career in Hollywood with several classic television show titles on her resume. She has been in Friends, Beverly Hills 90210, Just Shoot Me, Wings, and The Drew Carey Show to list just a few.

However, most modern audiences probably recognize her as the woman who replaced Lisa Robin Kelly on That 70s Show in the role of Laurie Foreman. Kelly was fired from the show because producers could not handle her constant drug and alcohol usage, which eventually cost her her life in 2013. Moore, however, went on to continue her career and she continues to work consistently today.

8Christina Moore Started Her Career In 1996

After finishing college, Moore moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, as any budding actor will do. While in school she began to work professionally as a theater actress in Lincoln City, Indiana, where she performed in a musical about the life of a young Abraham Lincoln. Her first on-screen role was as a news anchor in an episode of Beverly Hills 90210. Moore would later go one to be a player in the 90210 reboot, but not until years later.

7Christina Moore Had Roles In Several Sitcoms

After 1996 she slowly started to grow her resume. She was in two long forgotten films in between 1997 and 1998, The Sore Losers and Second Skin. She found work more consistently on television. Her second TV role was a woman named Ariel in the Fox classic sitcom Married With Children. After that she was in eight other shows for either one or two episode story arcs in Wings, The Burning Zone, Silk Stalkings, Fired Up, Almost Perfect, Unhappily Ever After, and The Drew Carey Show. She also had two different parts in Suddenly Susan.

6Then Christina Moore Had A Role In Friends

But like many other actors, it was her one episode of Friends that helped to pick up her career. She played Marjorie, a woman with a sleep disorder who hooks up with Chandler. She is hilarious in the role as the episode ends with her screaming in her sleep, much to Chandler’s terror. The role was one of the first times she got to show her ability to be funny.

5Then Christina Moore Joined The Cast Of MADTV

From 1998-2002 she continued to be in numerous sitcoms for an episode or two, and she even got to be in an episode of the drama 24. But it was in 2002 that her career picked up when she was cast on MADtv, Fox’s sketch show that was in competition with Saturday Night Live. Moore got to show off her comedy chops more than ever on the show and fans loved her impressions of Sharon Stone, Britney Murphy, and Christina Aguilera. She stayed with MADtv for 25 episodes.

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4Then She And MADtv Co-Star Josh Meyers Joined That 70s Show

Her time on MADtv was shorter than most cast mates, but it was enough to time to attract the attention of producers of another Fox program, That 70s Show. Showrunners needed someone to fill in for Lisa Robin Kelly to finish the story arc of her character marrying Fez the foreign exchange student. Josh Meyers, who worked with Moore on MADtv, also joined the cast of That 70s Show when she did to play Randy, who ended up being one of the least popular characters in the show’s history.

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3She Also Did A Few Movies But Did Way More For Television

Her career was not limited to television, but that is where she worked the most. Soon after That 70s Show she had a role in Seth Green’s comedy Without A Paddle and Delta Farce, starring Larry the Cable Guy and DJ Qualls. Her television resume is still much more extensive, especially after That 70s Show. She did sitcoms once again with roles in Will and Grace, Two and Half Men, and more. She did have a lead role in a show called Hot Properties with another MADtv alumni, Nicole Sullivan, however the show was canceled after one season. Eventually, she landed the role of Tracy Clark in 90210 and a main role in Jada Pinkett Smith’s medical drama Hawthorne.

2Then She Got A Role In An Independent Film

While her work has primarily focused on comedy, she has gotten the chance to flex her dramatic skills every once in a while. Of all her films, the most artistic is arguably 2012’s Searching For Fortune. The film stars her and John Heard and tells the story about a man who wants to learn the life story of a dead long lost brother.

1Christina Moore Is Also A Screenwriter And Continues To Work

Although she does not have many titles under her belt, Moore did write one screenplay in 2017 that ended up receiving a green light. The film Running Wild stars Sharon Stone and tells the story about a woman who works with ex-convicts to save her ranch. She is now a part of the show Casa Grande and as of 2022 is working on a movie called The Nana Project. It seems that Moore, while not a world famous star, will enjoy a healthy career for years to come thanks to her round on That 70s Show.

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