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Filming That ’70s Show Was A Nightmare For Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth was very nervous behind the scenes during her stint on That '70s Show.

Had Topher Grace stayed onboard, one can argue That ’70s Show could’ve endured a decade long run. The show was a major hit for FOX back in the day, and its reboot That ’90s Show is off to a strong start with Netflix. Fans couldn’t get enough of watching the older stars on the show, while the creators also did a great job in putting the spotlight on the newer cast of stars

In the following, we’re going to take a look back at stresses the cast underwent behind the scenes. Among them, included Shannon Elizabeth who struggled before her debut on the series. We’ll take a look back at how it all unfolded, and why Elizabeth was particularly nervous to meet Laura Prepon and Mila Kunis.

In truth, Elizabeth wasn’t the only one to struggle on set. As we’ll reveal, Laura Prepon also struggled on finale night. We’re going to take a closer look what exactly happened, while also revealing Mila Kunis’ stressful return to the That ’70s Show set for the reboot. The actress called the moment the most stressful of her career and given the circumstances, it makes complete sense.

Shannon Elizabeth Wasn’t The Only Actress That Struggled On That ’70s Show

Laura Prepon

That ’70 Show was on the air for 8 seasons, releasing 200 episodes. Of course during that time, the cast became very close and saying goodbye wasn’t easy. The cast struggled with the finale and that held true for Laura Prepon. According to IMDb, the taping for the finale was delayed because of how emotional Laura Prepon got in-between takes.

“The filming of the final episode was delayed because Laura Prepon couldn’t stop crying when it was her turn to shoot. It’s no secret that That 70s Show was a big part of Prepon’s life and career. Plus, her cast mates had become family to her, so seeing the show come to an end hit her really hard.”

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Prepon had an emotional connection to the show, and those emotions came rushing back during her first day back on the set of That ’90s Show.

“When I first went there, I cried. I’m just like, ‘The nostalgia is so strong and it was such an incredible time in my life.’ I can’t wait for people to see it. I think they’re really, really gonna get a kick out of it.”

The nervousness held true for other cast members as well, including the mother of Kelso’s child on the show, Shannon Elizabeth.

Shannon Elizabeth Was Nervous Over Meeting The Cast, Especially Laura Prepon And Mila Kunis

Anna Faris, Regina Hall, and Shannon Elizabeth
Via: Instar

Speaking alongside CNN back in 2003, Elizabeth revealed that the nerves kicked in prior to her appearance on That ’70s Show.

“I was terrified going in, knowing that they were all so close and have been together for six years.”

Elizabeth’s concerns were completely understandable given the chemistry of the main cast throughout the years. Coming in like that isn’t easy. Surprisingly, Shannon would go on to reveal that the toughest part was actually meeting Mila Kunis and Laura Prepon.

“I was especially scared of the girls (Mila Kunis and Laura Prepon) because there are only two, and I’m like this intruder girl coming in. But it’s been amazing how nice everyone is and how accepting. I’m a really shy person, so I tried hard to be outgoing and talk to everyone, and I gave them all cast gifts the first taping night.”

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A great gesture from Elizabeth, who fit right in on the show, giving Kelso a completely different dynamic from the girls he dated on the show. It certainly made for an interesting storyline.

Mila Kunis Called Her Appearance On That ’90s Show The Most Stressful Experience Of Her Career

Mila Kunis at the FOX's 'Family Guy' 400th Episode Celebration
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Mila Kunis also had a difficult experience, in fairness it was on the same set but under a different banner, That ’90s Show. Although fans exploded when she appeared alongside husband Ashton Kutcher, the experience was a tough one for the actress behind the scenes.

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“Oh my God, I was more nervous doing that than anything else in my career — was to shoot with my husband on the set of [That‘70s Show. Cause the set is exactly the same!”

Kunis would go on to reveal the scenario was especially weird given that this time she entered the show alongside Ashton under completely different circumstances off-camera.

“To be married, but to be at the place where we met — and it looks the same — was trippy,” the actress added. “We walked on set and I was like, ‘Oh … this is weird!’ It was really weird.”

Thankfully, it all went well, but fans wish her cameo alongside Kelso was longer thant what it was.

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