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That ’90s Show Season 2 Filming Starts Soon

That ’90s Show star Kurtwood Smith reveals that season 2 will begin filming soon with new information on how audience members can join the series.

That ‘90s Show season 2 will begin filming very soon, and even audience members can join in on the fun. That 70s Show spinoff  which saw the daughter of Eric and Donna, Leia, living with Red and Kitty for the summer of 1995 – quickly became a hit for Netflix. In its debut week, That ’90s Show ranked at number five on the charts of English-language series. It improved from there, garnering a relatively quick renewal for a longer second installment that will consist of 16 episodes.

Kurtwood Smith, who plays Red, gave an update on the progress of That ’90s Show season 2. In a Twitter post, the actor shared a behind-the-scenes photo of him and Debra Jo Rupp (Kitty). Smith’s tweet is included below:

In his Twitter bio, Smith included a link that reveals filming of the sitcom’s upcoming episodes will begin on May 5 in Los Angeles, California.

How To Be An Audience Member For That ’90s Show Season 2 (& What To Expect From It)

Leia Forman and Jay Kelso embracing each other in That 90s Show Season 1

The link that Smith shares, which directs to 1iota, has a listing of taping dates for That ’90s Show season 2 and includes a link to request tickets. The dates are as follows: May 5, 12, and 26, followed by June 9, 23, and 30. It continues for July 14, 21, and 28, running through August 18 & 25. The final month listed is September on the days of 1, 15, 22, and 29.

In terms of the plot for the upcoming episodes, the website doesn’t reveal too much. It does confirm, however, That ’90s Show cast will reprise their roles. A brief synopsis reveals that season 2 will take place in the summer of 1996, as Leia reunites with her Point Place friends. But given how the first concluded, that may not be positive news for Donna and Eric’s daughter.

In the final episode of That ’90s Show season 1, Leia’s romantic drama with Nate and Jay continued. It not only affected the trio but the overall friend group and Kitty’s enjoyment of having the house filled and happy. Although just about a full year will have passed in the show’s timeline when it returns to Netflix, it’s safe to say there will still be some dangling threads to resolve.

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