Only Fools and Horses

Only Fools and Horses quiz: Find out which member of the Trotter family you are by answering these simple questions

This personality test with separate the Del Boy from the Uncle Alberts!

Have you ever wondered which member of the Trotter family you are most like? Well, look no further, we have generated 10 questions that will give you a definite answer. Luvly jubbly!

Only Fools and Horses fans have spent more than 41 years re-watching old episodes of the BBC sitcom, and adore each character for their own humorous traits. Derek Trotter never missed out on a money-making scheme, and even when he became a millionaire he still couldn’t help himself but invest his cash!

But Del has a big heart and is a caring bloke having looked after his younger brother Rodney (who is a bit of a wally) from a young age and is the main breadwinner for the Trotter household.

The Trotter trio, played by Nicholas Lyndhurst, David Jason, and Buster Merryfield (Image: BBC)

The brothers also originally lived with their scruffy-looking Grandad who was very loved but is also a hilarious hindrance to Del Boy and Rodney.

After Grandad’s sad death, his brother Albert Trotter then came to live with Del and Rodney at Nelson Mandela House and turned out to be a real dodgy so-and-so.

So who do you think you are most alike, Del Boy, Rodney, Grandad, or Uncle Albert?

Take our personality quiz below to find out!

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