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Only Fools and Horses legend Nicholas Lyndhurst’s forgotten role in ‘creepy’ advert where he played an entire family

The ad gave Nicholas a real chance to show-off his range

Nicholas Lyndhurst is of course best known for his starring role alongside David Jason as Rodney Trotter in Only Fools and Horses, a role he made his own for more than 20 years through the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. It’s not his only acting credit though, with roles in other TV shows like New Tricks and Goodnight Sweetheart.

What many fans of the actor may not remember though is his part in a bizarre 1996 WH Smith advert. In fact, although it may have now faded from popular memory, Nicholas’ performance in the ad was so impressive that he bagged himself a National Television Award that same year for the roles he played.

What’s more, and the key element that makes this all the more impressive is that Nick, 61, played all four members of the starring family. This meant playing both mum and dad, and a son and daughter as they made their way through an airport and onto a flight to Corfu.

In the advert Nicholas plays the entire family, including the kids (Image: WH Smith)

While on the flight there are some memorable lines and slapstick moments, with son Nick accidentally spilling nuts in daughter Nick’s water after he tears the bag open too enthusiastically, prompting the withering put down: “I thought animals were s’posed to be kept in the hold.”

Another great one sees the pint sized Nicholas Lyndhurst in a backwards cap ask himself dressed up as a woman: “Mum, will we see any elephants on holiday?” To which mum Nick replies: “Not in Corfu, love.”

Then as some noisy men pile onto the plane prompting eye rolls, the mum character reaches into her WH Smith bag and pulls out a book for dad, a comic for son, magazine for daughter, and the newest George Michael album for herself.

“Not in Corfu, love.” (Image: WH Smith)

The advert ends on the tagline: “Whatever you’re into, get into WH Smith.” Those fans who do remember the ad certainly look back on it fondly, with those commenting under the version of it you can find on YouTube writing: “Wow forgot about this, takes me back to being a kid.”

Another agreed: “I love these adverts shame they don’t make more of them.” Not everyone is a fan though, as one shuddered: “God, this was creepy back then and it’s still creepy now.”

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