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This Is What Robin Williams’ Daughter, Zelda Williams’ Life Is Like Today

Since her father passed away in 2014, Zelda Williams has combatted endless struggles in her life.

The daughter of the late legendary comedian Robin Williams, Zelda, has inherited her acting talent from her father. She is also a film producer, just like her mother, Marsha Garces Williams. Zelda entered the acting world at age 5 when she starred in 1995’s romantic comedy film Nine Months. She is known for her roles in several big-screen movies, such as Stupid Questions, Noobz, Locating Silver Lake, and Shrimp. She starred as Marissa in the 2012 series Checked Out and Drew Reeves in Dead Of Summer’s supernatural horror TV series.

Since her father passed away in 2014, Zelda has combatted endless struggles in her life. Zelda had much to overcome in recent years, from depression and suffering from bullying to becoming a strong advocate for mental health and well-being.

Zelda Wants Fans To Stop Sending Her Father’s Viral Video

Guys, I’m only saying this because I don’t think it’ll stop until I acknowledge it… please, stop sending me the ‘test footage’. I’ve seen it. Jamie is SUPER talented, this isn’t against him, but y’all spamming me an impression of my late Dad on one of his saddest days is weird.— Zelda Williams (@zeldawilliams) October 12, 2021

Actor Jamie Costa impersonated late comedian Robin Williams and posted the 5-minute video on his YouTube channel, where it racked more than 5 million views. Fans went crazy about the test footage and bombarded Zelda with messages containing the video. This pushed Williams to ask on Twitter for fans to stop spamming her with the footage, mainly that the impression represents her dad in one of his saddest days, the day when Robin’s co-star, John Belushi, died of an overdose.

She’s Having A Mental Health Summit

The non-profit organization I Don’t Mind is launching the Our Future In Mind mental health summit on November 5 and 6. The event will stream on YouTube, give insight into the most innovative mental health campaigns globally, and encourage young people to become activists for mental health. Zelda Williams will be among the activists joining the summit and participating in the fight to build a better world for mental health.

Zelda Williams Reminded Her Fans She’s Bisexual

Several years ago, Zelda revealed she’s bisexual. However, the Shrimp star loves to celebrate her sexual orientation and her true self whenever she has the chance to do it. On Bi Visibility Day of this year, Zelda took to Twitter to celebrate the event in tweets. In one post, she mocked straight people who were angry about celebrating sexual and gender identity freedoms. Williams posted a pic in reply to a bigot saying that, “The Heteros Are Upseteros.”

Zelda Has A Net Worth Of $20 Million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, 32-year old American Actress Zelda Williams accumulated a wealth of $20 Million during her career of 27 years. In addition to her work as an actress, Zelda is also a director, producer, and writer. In 2018, she played Jess in Shrimp‘s comedy-drama film, which she also wrote, directed, and produced. Williams is also a voice actor. In 2016, she played the voice of Amaya Blackstone in the video game series King’s Quest – Chapter III: Once Upon A Climb.

She Revealed She Has Aphantasia

In February 2021, Zelda Williams revealed that she lives with the condition preventing her from visualizing her head’s mental images. The condition is known as Aphantasia, and Williams said that she doesn’t think of it as a disorder or a medical condition. Zelda thinks of it as a different way of processing data in the very complex human brain.

Robin Williams Spirit Resides In Her

Zelda inherited her humor sense and funny bone from her father, Robin Williams. In May 2021, Zelda took to Twitter to celebrate her father’s constant presence on social media, even seven years after his death. Williams tweeted, saying, ‘Dad Randomly Trending Again Confirms He Hasn’t Come Back As The First Zombie. Goes Back To Daily Life’. She attached a GIF from Denzel Washington doing a sigh of relief with the tweet, which made Zelda’s post even more hilarious. There’s no doubt that Robin Williams’s spirit resides in his daughter.

She Doesn’t Post On Instagram

Although Zelda is active on Twitter and has a verified social media account on Instagram with 263,000 followers, the Dead Of Summer star hasn’t posted any pictures, reels, or videos on the social media platform. However, she has some story highlights about social issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement, Black mental health topics, Black Trans rights. Another story highlight on Zelda’s Instagram profile contains the contact info for suicide prevention hotlines and organizations.

Zelda Williams Remains Single In 2021

Zelda spent the year single without dating anyone or entering into a new relationship. Between 2013 and 2016, Williams hooked up with Australian actor Jackson Heywood. Before Jackson, Zelda hanged out for a year with American actor and singer Colin Donnell. Although Williams is bisexual, it is not reported whether she went into a relationship with someone from another gender other than males.

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