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8 Reasons Hyde And Donna Were End Game On ‘That 70’s Show’

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Season one of That 70s Show teased the possibility of a Hyde (Danny Masterson) and Donna (Laura Prepon) romance that never came to be. Donna ultimately chose Eric (Topher Grace), the boy next door she always had feelings for. Later in the series, Hyde found love with Jackie (Mila Kunis), in an “opposites attract” style love affair.

Sorry to the Donna and Eric stans and the Hyde and Jackie lovers, but Hyde and Donna had all the potential of being the show’s ultimate end game. In fact, they made much more sense as a couple than either of them did with Eric or Jackie. A lot of emotional turmoil could have been saved if they could have seen what they could have been.

Similar Progressive Values

Hyde and Donna shared a passion for progressive issues of the 70s and were the most vocal of the group about their beliefs. Hyde was always questioning the government and the status quo. Donna was an active feminist who only became more interested in political issues as she entered college.

Any long-term couple will emphasize the importance of sharing a similar worldview and value system to sustain a relationship. Hyde and Donna were both radicals who strongly believed in social change. Something that they simply did not share with their partners of choice, Eric and Jackie.

Compatible Attitudes

danny masterson, steven hyde, mila kunis, jackie burkhart, that '70s show

Comparatively, Hyde and Donna were both incredibly easygoing individuals who both chose high-strung partners. Most of Eric and Donna’s issues were due to Eric’s insecurities and neuroses about their relationship and hanging onto Donna. Jackie did push Hyde out of his comfort zone while they dated, but Hyde still ultimately found her annoying most of the time.

Hyde and Donna were both very secure people who were comfortable with themselves and that could have created a harmonious relationship. Given their similarities, they seemed to see eye to eye most of the time and would have had an easier time communicating with one another. Of course, all relationships experience conflict, but it seems like Hyde and Donna would have had an easier time understanding one another than trying to figure out Eric and Jackie.

Donna Would Have Built Hyde Updanny masterson, steven hyde, mila kunis, jackie burkhart, that '70s show

Hyde notably had a difficult family life that affected the way he saw himself and that was emphasized in during his relationship with Jackie. Though Jackie never tried to make Hyde feel bad about his home life, she had a hard time relating to not having money. Hyde and Jackie came from two different worlds which sometimes worked to their benefit but mostly to their detriment.

Donna had a more well-rounded idea of where Hyde was coming from whereas Jackie just didn’t have that experience. Donna was empowered and would have brought Hyde to her level rather than make him feel lesser. She was incredibly into academia which could have easily become a part of Hyde’s life too because he was inquisitive by nature.

Hyde Wouldn’t Have Held Donna Back

Donna had big dreams of going to college and making a change in the world and would have never been fulfilled otherwise. This is a key part of her personality that Eric always pushed back against and just didn’t understand. In the Season 3 episode “Baby Fever,” Eric assumes that Donna would be fine with being a housewife and a stay-at-home mother after they get married.

Hyde had incredibly progressive ideals and was always supportive of his partners in reaching their fullest potential. Hyde would have never assumed or even wanted Donna to stay at home when she had other aspirations. Hyde was also a free spirit who probably would have gone with Donna wherever she needed to be to achieve her goals.

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