Rakhi Sawant calls herself ‘high-society people’; says ‘I speak to Angelina Jolie and Kylie Jenner on Instagram’

Trust Rakhi Sawant to make mind-boggling statements with sheer confidence. The entertainment Queen claims herself to be ‘world famous’.
In one of her daily gym appearances, Rakhi says, “Now I am world famous. Everybody in Hollywood knows me. Tom Cruise, etc. Once a month I do get a call from Tom Cruise. I speak to Angelina Jolie too. Not like a normal phone. We talk on Instagram. I follow all of them. I spoke to Kylie just yesterday. I told her, ‘Hello, Kylie. Howe are you, what’s up. Send me good costumes.’”
She further explained how Kylie pronounces Rakhi’s name with an American accent. Rakhi adds, “Kylie said, ‘We will send Hollywood costumes for you. Whenever you come to the US, you must meet me.’ Uma Thurman… you all know these names right? I am high-society now. I meet big people. They love me. All the big stars love me. I am happy getting so much love.”

Rakhi recently made headlines after her appearance on the red carpet at an awards function. She grabbed eyeballs after a brief and memorable red carpet appearance with Ranveer Singh. The entertainers of the industry not only exchanged energetic pleasantries but also shook legs on ‘Tatad Tatad’.
Attending the derby to award functions, Rakhi is going places after her Bigg Boss 15 stint.
Her married life was in the limelight but post announcing separation, Rakhi is on a roll professionally.

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