Major Tom Selleck Western Hits HBO Max

There are more ways to see Tom Selleck and his mustache than just waiting to turn on CBS at 10 p.m. ET on Fridays. Some of the Blue Bloods star’s other movies and shows are available on streaming platforms. At the start of this year, one of his best-known Westerns, Quigley Down Under, became available on HBO Max.

Quigley Down Under hit theaters in 1990, and it was written by John Hill and directed by Simon Wincer (Free Willy). Selleck stars as the title character, the American cowboy Matthew Quigley. When he responds to a newspaper advertisement to offer his special talents, he soon learns he is going to Australia, where his sharpshooting skills are required to help the British take down Aboriginal Australians, but refuses. The cast also includes Laura San Giacomo and the late Alan Rickman, who earned an award from the London Film Critics’ Circle Award for his performance.

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Hill started writing his script in 1974 and it drew enough attention that a producer optioned it in 1979 to make it as a film with Steve McQueen. However, McQueen’s death in November 1980 meant the project couldn’t get made at the time. In 1987, the project landed at Warner Bros., where Selleck was cast in the lead role. He reportedly asked for an Australian to direct, which is how Winder got the gig. After all that hard work though, Quigley Down Under only received mixed reviews and barely earned back its budget, so no sequel was made. In fact, Selleck’s biggest hit of 1990 was Three Men and a Little Lady, the sequel to Three Men and a Baby.

Quigley Down Under isn’t the only Selleck movie available on HBO Max. He also stars in Frank Oz’s In & Out (1997), which also stars Kevin Kline, Joan Cusack, Debbie Reynolds, and Matt Dillon. One of that film’s most famous scenes is Selleck’s kiss with Kline.

Netflix users will be out of luck when trying to find a Selleck movie there at the moment. Those who subscribe to Amazon’s Prime Video service can find Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2205) and Runaway (1984). Paramount+ is home to the entire run of Blue Bloods. Selleck’s second movie, Daughters of Satan (1972) and the romantic comedy The Love Letter (1999) are also available to stream on Paramount+.

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