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Only Fools and Horses legend David Jason says he wants to play Del Boy ‘one last time’

Only Fools and Horses aired its final episode in 2003 - but there is hope for a revival

Sir David Jason has spoken of his desire to play his iconic Only Fools and Horses character Del Boy one more time.

The acting legend last starred as Del Boy in 2003, but the 81-year-old still feels he has unfinished business with the wheeler-dealer and fancies a final turn as the infamous Derek Trotter, reports The Mirror .

He said: “I’ve always loved Del Boy, who is such a wonderful loser. I would love to revisit him, I need someone to write me a script.”

Only Fools and Horses, which is considered one of the greatest TV shows in British history, first aired on BBC One in 1981.

It ran for ten successful years until 1991 with a number of specials, including Miami Twice and The Jolly Boys Outing.

And the 1996 Christmas Day episode where Del Boy and brother Rodney dressed up as Batman and Robin was recently voted as one of the UK’s all-time favourite telly moments.

Lifting the lid on the iconic show, the actor told The Sun : “As a show, it’s very important we don’t forget about it, it has a huge following, it fills in that need for an awful lot of people.

“It’s funny, amusing and an identity for most people who watch it, who are working-class and come from where I come from and identify with the idiots who are the Trotters.

He is hoping to play the iconic character 'one last time'
He is hoping to play the iconic character ‘one last time’ (Image: PA)

“They’re just like the rest of us, a family who have ups and downs.”

It comes after Sir David opened up about how an Only Fools and Horses cameraman had to be replaced due to the fact he was continuously laughing too much.

The now 81-year-old actor said the scenes being captured became too much for a cameraman, who had to be replaced due to “not being able to control himself” while on set.

He recalled: “We had to haul out the cameraman and replace him for that shot in the end.”

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