Meek Mill and Kevin Hart to Donate $15 Million to Philadelphia Schools

Money donated will focus on underserved families and covering school costs

On Wednesday, it was announced that Meek Mill, Kevin Hart, and Philadelphia 76’s limited partner Michael Rubin would put their money together to donate over $15 million to Philadelphia schools.

According to Philadelphia Voice, the donation would affect a variety of underserved students across 110 Philadelphia-area schools, not including the District of Philadelphia but to cover private and parochial tuition costs.

The announcement of the donation came upon the School District of Philadelphia Superintendent Dr. William Hite’s public speech about the district’s challenges in funding and other areas of achievement across Philadelphia public schools. Hite was among many who testified because of six school districts taking the state of Pennsylvania to trial in December under the allegation that the state of Pennsylvania failed to offer sufficient funding for the schools.

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“Philadelphia is the poorest big city in the country…We have larger numbers of young people who don’t have access to early childhood services and who aren’t on grade level, those experiencing trauma, homelessness, are new to the country, have special needs, and those who need additional resources,” Dr. Hite stated.

The city of Philadelphia is no stranger to donations from the trio. In 2020, Hart donated over $250,000 to the School District of Philadelphia, and in 2018 gave $600,000 worth of scholarships to eight college Philadelphians in partnership with the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), the Knowledge Is Power Program, and his Hart Charity.

Mill generated a $2 million scholarship back in 2020 to cover tuition costs for private and parochial students as well as provide them with necessary technology including Wi-Fi access, laptops, and tablets.

They anticipate the $15 million funds to help thousands of Philadelphia’s disadvantaged families for the upcoming 2022-2023 academic school year.

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