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Which “That 70’s Show” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

It’s been a while since That 70’s Show was on the air, but it remains one of the most popular shows in Netflix‘s collection. Few sitcoms have been able to live up to the humor, hijinks, and honesty of That 70’s Show, with an ensemble cast of multi-faceted characters. Each teen is wildly different from the others, and it’s a great example of all the diversity that the zodiac has to offer! So grab your Bic, and let’s chill dude!

Aries – Michael Kelso

Aries, you can’t help it you’re hot. You take pride in your appearance and have admirable confidence. Much like Kelso, you can be immature and aloof at times, but you’re incredible fun to be around. As a fire sign, you tend to be impulsive, and don’t always give your decisions the forethought they might require. Nonetheless, you’re a staple in your friend group, and things would be so boring without you!

Taurus – Red Foreman

Red is the Taurus of all Tauruses. He’s a hard worker, no-nonsense, and not afraid to stick a foot where the sun doesn’t shine. He’s tough, but it’s because he loves his family, no matter how much he may not want to admit it. You’re consistent, Taurus, and the people around you would be lost without your stability. Keep up your trademark sarcasm and wit, because we love you for it!

Gemini – Jackie Burkhart

You are the drama, Gemini, whether you mean to be or not. You are naturally indecisive, representing the duality of your sign, and your emotions can change like the flip of a switch. All that aside, you really do care about the people around you. While you might have a tendency to get flighty at the first sign of trouble, remember that loyalty goes a long way (and a little vulnerability can open up your personal relationships).

Cancer – Fez

Cancer, many people might interpret your meek sensibilities or kind and generous nature for weakness, but they obviously don’t know you very well. As a water sign, you have a tendency to hold grudges, feel swells of emotion, and get manipulated by the people you love. Like Fez, you’d gladly die for those you care about, but that can get taken advantage of. Don’t let cynicism ruin your kind heart, Cancer.

Leo – Randy Pearson

While Randy may not be a good character (or even an average one), he does represent the majority of your sign, Leo. He’s the main event, even when folks might not be so inclined to care. Your ego can get in the way of personal growth and expression, so don’t be afraid to let someone else be the star for a moment. In reflection, you can learn a lot about yourself, and become the incredible listener we know you can be!

Virgo – Kitty Foreman

Virgo, you’re the mom friend of all mom friends. Like Kitty, you’re relentlessly devoted to family, work, and responsibility. You’re a natural caregiver, and people naturally gravitate towards you (see the revolving door of teens that basically live at the Foreman residence). When threatened, you can have quite the bite, but that’s not very often. We’d be lost without you, Virgo!

Libra – Bob Pinciotti

You’re a very delicate balance, Libra; equal parts light and serious. You maintain a social homeostasis, happy to be around friends or just chill at home. Like Bob, you have hopeless romantic tendencies, which can get you into a little trouble. Few can match the energy and positivity you naturally bring to situations. Keep living it up, Libra. You’re our favorite party animal!

Scorpio – Donna Pinciotti

Make no mistake, Scorpio, you are a total baddie. Typically cool, suave, and mysterious, you represent the passion and seduction of the water element. You’re not afraid to speak your mind, and you’re relentlessly stubborn. Communication is tough for you, but with some intentional vulnerability, that can change. Your personal bonds are tight and few, but that’s just the way you like it! Go on with your bad self, Scorpio!

Sagittarius – Laurie Foreman

As a fire sign, Sag, you are impulsive and quick-witted. Few have the sex appeal, fire, and manipulation tactics of Laurie Foreman. She gets what she wants when she wants, and so do you, Sag. You’re naturally social and funny, often having a charm that is unmatched by the other signs. You’re always looking for the easiest way to do something, which can impact your relationships and career, so be sure to stick it out when it’s required!

Capricorn – Eric Foreman

You’re practical, Capricorn. You’re focused on responsibility, a career, and chasing your coin. You’re pragmatic and collected, but have a tendency to bottle up feelings. Often, intelligence comes naturally to you, but empathy does not. You’re singularly focused, so feelings can seem like a distraction from what’s important. Remember to open up to those you love, as they are your greatest strength in times of stress.

Aquarius – Steven Hyde

You’re many things, Aquarius; the ultimate conspirator, a sharp-tongued comic, and a leader for justice. No one represents the oddity and intelligence of your sign quite like Hyde. You’re a wayward soul, who has a tendency to walk alone, even when people are naturally drawn to you. Remember that not everything has to be a battle, and emotion is a virtue, not a disadvantage.

Pisces – Midge Pinciotti

Sweet Pisces, you’re a class act. Much like Midge, you’re a loyal friend and the best listener of all the zodiac signs. You have incredible empathy, matched by none. As the last zodiac, you’re typically wise, and always have the greatest advice. While some might write you off as aloof, stupid, or flippant, it’s just because they don’t know your true character. Keep loving without limit, Pisces, and you’ll always be loved back.

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