West Virginia Governor Responds to Bette Midler’s ‘Poor, Illiterate, and Strung Out’ Comments

On Monday, December 20th, Bette Midler fired off a tweet that disparaged the state of West Virginia. In that tweet, she said that West Virginians were “poor, illiterate, and strung out,” and they heard her loud and clear. Before long several residents of The Mountain State found their way to Midler’s mentions to let her know how misguided and incorrect they felt she was. She was angry that WV’s Senator Joe Manchin voted against President Biden’s Build Back Better bill. While 50 other senators voted no on the bill, Manchin is a Democrat. Because of this Midler felt that Manchin betrayed the political party that they share.

Later that day, Bette Midler apologized for her outburst. She admitted that her anger got the better of her saying that she was “seeing red,” and lashed out inappropriately.

Now, West Virginia’s governor is speaking out on Bette Midler’s comments. Yesterday, The Hill shared a video containing Governor Jim Justice’s rebuttal with their Twitter followers.

Governor Jim Justice Addresses Bette Midler’s Tweet

Jim Justice didn’t come off as angry in the video. Instead, it sounded like he wanted to politely show the Beaches star that she was wrong about his state. He opened by repeating what she had said in her tweet. Then, he spoke directly to Bette Midler. “Now, really and truly, – and Bette, I hope you hear me loud and clear – because I am fair and an honest person,” he said. Then, Justice called her comments cruel and “really, really unfair.”

Justice went on, speaking directly to Bette Midler. “You know, we’ve had a struggle just like anybody has had a struggle. But, just think about what we’ve done in the last few years. We have now become a diamond in the rough that everybody has missed.” He went on to highlight the beauty of The Mountain State. “We have the four most beautiful seasons on the planet.” After all, WV is the only state in the Union that is completely within the Appalachian Mountains. Additionally, it’s one of the most densely forested states. Truly, its natural beauty is hard to beat.

Then, Governor Justice extended an olive branch to Bette Midler. “We have the very best people and I would welcome you to come and see these people. See these people that really care, people that love and appreciate others by what they do.”

At the time of writing, Bette Midler has not publicly responded to Governor Justice’s comments. However, this could give her an excellent opportunity to reach out to the people of West Virginia and lend a helping hand. Or, at the very least, she could shed some light on the issues that the people of The Mountain State are facing.

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