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That ’70s Show: 10 Best Moments That Brought The Group Together

Looking back at That ’70s Show, it is clear that the group’s dynamic is the true heart of the show. They certainly experience a lot of conflict throughout the series, as they are all so different, but this in turn provides a lot of hilarious moments. However, even through all the negative times, they manage to continue to stay close. In fact, they manage to build their relationships even stronger in later seasons before Eric and Kelso both leave the series, too.

There are a handful of memorable scenes that truly help cement the group, too. They are not only loved by fans because they are funny, but also because they prove how much the group cares for one another. For a group that is known for being combative with one another at times, these scenes are a great reminder of the fact that they can also be real friendship goals.

1. When The Guys Meet Fez

The show provides a marvelous flashback when the guys meet Fez. In it, they are in the school talking about Eric liking Donna, which the former denies. When this is happening, a voice from the janitor closet interrupts them, which happens to be Fez.

The football team is responsible for this, as they trick him by asking him to “hang out.” From there, Kelso tries to throw a dodgeball at him, but Hyde immediately stops him and tells Fez that he will protect him if they bother him again. Fez then begins to follow them, and the friendship is born.

2. When Eric Lets Hyde Live With Him

The connection between Eric and Hyde is one of the strongest in the entire series. This is especially the case when Eric finds out that Hyde is living on his own, as his mother has abandoned him.

This leads Eric to tell his parents, as he is very nervous about Hyde’s living arrangements. Although Hyde is angry at first about Eric telling them, he does show appreciation to the Forman family for taking him in as the show continues. Hyde also develops a very close relationship with Red through this.

3. When They Have The Circle

The importance of the circle is honestly immeasurable when it comes to the group. This is where the true magic of their conversations truly happen, as they often are quite entertaining and random (for obvious reasons…).

The first circle is especially important, as it shows just how similar these guys all act when they are together. It is apparent that it would sit well with the audience, too, as it is a common theme throughout the entire series from there.

4. When Eric And Donna Put Their Differences Aside For The Group

After Eric and Donna split up, it ends up having a lasting impact on the group. This is because Eric tells Donna that he does not feel comfortable with her in the basement anymore. As a result of this, Donna starts having everyone over to her place, which leads to more conflict.

The two end up fighting over having to share time with their friends, while also trying to come up with better activities for them to do. After they get into a huge argument in the driveway, Fez cries and tells them they are breaking the group apart. This is where they decide to stop feuding and coexist for the rest of the gang’s sake.

5. When They Use The Stupid Helmet

The stupid helmet is a hilarious tradition within the group. It is understandably worn most by Kelso, as he is the character who often makes the dumbest choices. However, others would wear it, too, and even sometimes of their own accord. Fez is a great example of this, as he puts it on after he gets Jackie and Kelso back together.

Yet, even though it is a way to insult one another, one time they put it on Eric to try to help him. This happens when he tells them that he wants to propose to Donna, which is a questionable decision at that point, as they are very young.

6. When Hyde And Kelso Stand Up For Eric At The Bar

The guys decide to go to the bar, even though they are underage at this point in the series. However, it is clear that Eric is drinking a bit too much, as he is being loud, yelling, and acting nothing like his usual self.

Things escalate when two men confront the group after they talk to their dates. Eric threatens one of them, but then gets punched in the face. But Hyde and Kelso quickly protect Eric after this, which shows how loyal they are to him.

7. When Donna Lets Jackie Live With Her

When her mom leaves for Mexico, Jackie ends up living on her own. This is an issue for her, as she is still very young and comes from a rich family. However, she seems to lose it all, and it leads to a lot of overall stress.

However, even with Jackie being known for being mean to Donna a lot of the time, she lets her move in. This leads to the pair becoming far closer, even if there is still conflict when they are in the same room.

8. When Kelso And Hyde Decide Not To Fight Over Jackie

After Kelso cheats on Jackie (again), she reaches her breaking point and finally moves on. Yet, her new boyfriend is a surprise for everyone, as it one of Kelso’s closest friends, Hyde. It’s no wonder that this starts up a rivalry between them.

Then, when Jackie and Hyde break up, Kelso tries to win her back. This leads to the pair fighting and Kelso even falling off the water tower as a result. Finally, the two bury their prolonged feud after having a heart-to-heart about a previous pact they made in grade school about fighting over mutual love interests.

9. When The Guys Call The White House

After another legendary circle moment, Kelso decides to call the White House to ask about the “Russian Death Ray.” When he gets in touch with them, he comes across as a threat to the president due to his poor choice of rhetoric.

The group eggs him on and laughs, but they get petrified after Kelso tells them their location. They even believe a vacuum cleaner Kitty orders is bugged by the White House, too. Their paranoia of course turns out to be unwarranted, but it is just a hilarious episode that results in them bonding through their fears.

10. When They All Celebrate New Year’s Eve Together

It was amazing to see that the finale of the series brought the entire original group together again. Kelso returns from Chicago to celebrate the New Year, while Eric is supposed to be there from Africa.

Yet, Eric famously misses his flight, which disappoints Donna immensely. The audience ends up getting a big surprise when he shows up. The two finally reconcile and share a kiss, which is a sweet end. They then go inside to count down the new year with the rest of the group, in a beautiful moment.

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