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The Sad Reason Why Robin Williams Related To His ‘Jumanji’ Character

Comedic performers that can make audiences laugh find a special place among the pack in Hollywood. The 90s was a decade that happened to be loaded with amazing comedic performers, and actors like Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler helped pave the way for others that have followed.

Robin Williams was a comedic powerhouse during the 90s, and he had a number of hit films during the decade that turned him into an acting legend. One of his biggest hits was Jumanji, and for his performance in the film, Williams was able to tap into his personal life and find a sad way to relate to the character he was playing.

Let’s take a look at how Robin Williams related to his character from Jumanji.

Robin Williams Was A Brilliant Performer

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When looking back at his brilliant career, it is easy to see why Robin Williams was such a beloved performer during the biggest years of his career. The man had an amazing ability to deliver the goods while the cameras were rolling, and he could elevate the rest of the cast to help any project become better.

Television’s Mork & Mindy was the perfect launching point for Williams back in the 70s, and as the years rolled on, the actor would have the opportunity to shine in a number of amazing projects. The talent was always there, and all Williams needed was the right opportunity to show the world that he was a major star.

Some of Williams’ biggest movies include PopeyeDеаԁ Poets Society, The Fisher King, Hook, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Birdcage, Good Will Hunting, and a whole lot more. Yes, he had some misfires through the years, but his biggest works turned him into a living legend, and his passing left a noticeable hole in the entertainment industry.

During the 90s, Williams was releasing one huge hit after the next, and it was during that decade that he took the lead in a little film called Jumanji.

He Starred In ‘Jumanji’

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1995’s Jumanji was a film that had audiences hooked from the previews alone, and it is the perfect example of a movie that was destined to become a hit at the box office.

Starring Robin Williams, Bonnie Hunt, Kirsten Dunst, and Bradley Pierce, Jumanji was a chaotic blend of comedy, action, and wild CGI animals, and it was just what audiences were looking for in the mid-90s. The trailers showed that this movie was going to be a family-friendly thrill ride, and audiences were excited to see that the studio was able to deliver the goods when the film hit theaters.

Robin Williams was absolutely brilliant in the movie, and unbelievably, he was not the first choice to play the lead in the role. Tom Hanks was the actor that was originally being considered for the role, but eventually, Williams would be the man to lock it down and deliver a great performance.

To really bring out the best of his performance, Robin Williams tapped into elements from his real-life to help relate to his character.

How He Related To His Character

So, how did Robin Willians relate to his character, Alan Parrish, in Jumanji. According to the actor, being an only child certainly helped him in understanding Alan.

“I’ve read Jumanji to my four-year-old and six-year-old. They are fascinated and a bit frightened by the black-and-white drawings of monsters under the bed. But the story has … something much deeper and more disturbing,” said Williams.

“It’s the fear all children have of abandonment and separation from their parents. That’s where my character comes in. I play a boy who has been swallowed up in the game. By the time he is able to come out, 26 years later, his parents are dеаԁ, and he feels lost and alone. That’s something I can understand. As an only child, I had no siblings to play with, and my parents worked hard, and we moved around a lot,” he continued.

That’s a truly heartbreaking reason why Williams was able to understand his character, and it wound up helping his performance while filming. Williams also admitted that there was a slight connection between his father and Alan’s father, which largely stemmed from his father’s relationship with his grandfather.

All of these elements went into Williams’ performance in the film, and he was instrumental in making Jumanji a huge success at the box office back in the 90s.

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