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Interesting facts about Clint Eastwood’s 8 children

You might be wondering what’s so great about this Hollywood star that women seem to go crazy for. Clint Eastwood’s Love Affairs :Do you know that Clint Eastwood’s former flame is as long as his filmography? That’s right, the Hollywood icon isn’t known as a womanizer for nothing. In fact, his love affairs have their own Wikipedia page!

The Many Women and Many Children of Clint Eastwood – Page 50

Clint Eastwood’s Children : The actor didn’t find out about her decades later, which was a surprise to his family. Laurie was the love child of his father and an unknown woman. She was conceived when Clint was still dating his future first wife, Maggie Johnson. The long-lost child was given up for adoption by her mother, and she was the one who tracked down her family 30 years later.

Kimber Eastwood (1964): Roxanne Tunis, who was a stuntwoman and a dancer, was Kimber Eastwood‘s mother. Clint and Roxanne had an affair when he was still married to Maggie. Although she was a love child from another woman, Eastwood regards her as the first child. And wasn’t revealed to the public until 1989. She didn’t become an actress but a make-up artist and film producer.

Kimber Eastwood - Inside The Life Of Clint Eastwood's Daughter - Naibuzz

Kyle Eastwood (1968) : He’s the first child of Clint to his first wife, Maggie. Kyle turned his parents to student in 1994 when he had his first child named Graylen Spencer Eastwood. Today, he has promoted jazz bass, and in 2017, he his recent studio album In Transit.

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Alison Eastwood (1972) : Tall, blonde, and beautiful, Alison Eastwood built a career as a model and an actress. She was the second child of Clint and Maggie. Her projects include dozens of films such as Black and White, The Mule, and I’ll Be Seeing You.

For father-daughter duo Clint and Alison Eastwood, directing is a family  business - Los Angeles Times

Scott Eastwood (1986) : Divorce and a new partner didn’t stop Clint Eastwood from yet another affair with a Hawaiian-based stewardess named Jacelyn Reeves. The divorce with Maggie Johnson was only finalized when he had a common-law wife, Sondra Locke. In the middle of all of that, Clint impregnated Reeves with two children. Scott Eastwood was an actor and model known for his Texas Chainsaw film Suicide Squad and Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Clint Eastwood's son Scott on finding success: 'There are no handouts in  our family' | Fox News

Kathryn Eastwood (1988) :Kathryn Eastwood is the other child of Jacelyn Reeves to Clint and full sister of Scott Eastwood. On their birth certificates, it was revealed that both have a “father declined” note on their documents which were not surprising as they kept the children a secret until the 2000s.

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Francesca Eastwood (1993) :Francesca Eastwood‘s parents were Frances Fisher and Clint Eastwood. Before they started the film Unforgiven as co-stars, the two began a relationship resulting in the birth of Francesca Eastwood. Frances and Francesca starred in Mrs. Eastwood & Company with the second wife of Clint, Dina Ruiz, and Francesca’s half-sister Morgan. She’s sometimes dubbed as a favorite child because among her siblings, only during her birth was the famous actor present.

Clint Eastwood's Daughter Francesca Looks Like Barbie As She Display Her  Face Beauty - From The Stage

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