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Fans Are Comparing Megan Fox To The Kardashians As They Look Back On Her Transformation From 2009 To Now: ‘Overfilled & Plastic’

Fans Are Comparing Megan Fox To The Kardashians As They Look Back On Her Transformation From 2009 To Now: 'Overfilled & Plastic'

For years, Megan Fox has been celebrated for her timeless beauty, style and acting talents. Even with the passage of time, the stylish 38-year-old Jennifer’s Body star continues to exude the same stunning radiance that first captivated audiences in the early 2000s.

Throughout 2024, Fox has boldly experimented with her hair colors and donned unforgettable outfits, prompting fans to marvel at her evolving fashion sense while also reflecting on her earlier career.

Recently, E! News compiled a video of Fox’s red carpet appearances from 2009 to 2024, sparking conversations among her fans about her transformation over the years. Some have also speculated that the star may have undergone various plastic surgery treatments and cosmetic procedures.


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Fans Weigh In On Megan Fox’s Transformation Over The Years And Plastic Surgery

Many of Fox’s fans headed to the post’s comments section to share their thoughts. “She was such a beauty before retouching! She really didn’t need them,” one commented as another added: “Still beautiful now, but I personally think she was more beautiful before all the work!” Others compared Fox to the Kardashians as one wrote: “overfilled and plastic.”

Regarding cosmetic procedures, Fox openly discussed her experience with plastic surgery in a podcast episode earlier this year, also opening up about having body dysmorphia. With the help of Call Her Daddy host Alexandra Cooper, the Transformers alum delved deep into her personal life and shared her candid thoughts without reservation.



Fox mentioned her struggles with body dysmorphia at the beginning of the March 19th episode, revealing that she has been battling with this issue since the age of 5. “Whenever I would look in the mirror as a child, I was like, ‘That’s not me,” Fox recalled. “That never felt like me, nothing about that face, the hair, the skin color, the body . . . I never associated that with me.”

At this juncture of their discussion, Fox made a passing reference to her breast augmentation. “My mom said that I used to go into the bathroom and stand on the toilet and pull up my shirt to see if my boobies had grown, and I would get really upset that I didn’t have big boobs, and now, $30,000 later, now I do,” she noted.



As the episode progressed, Fox provided a more detailed account of the procedures she has undergone and those she has not. “Can we just talk about plastic surgery?” Fox asked host Cooper, 29.

“I’m just gonna go through all of the things that I’ve done,” Fox revealed. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star continued: “I feel like there’s this stigma, and I’m not gonna win. . . . However, I’m hoping it sets some people free.”



The mom of three then got into procedures she “[hasn’t] done but [has] been accused of doing,” like a facelift. “I’ve never had a facelift of any kind: no mid facelift, no lateral brow lift — although I would like one — [and] no regular brow lift,” Fox said. The Pretty Boys Are Poisonous author continued, noting that she “never tried threads” because she doesn’t “really believe they work,” and she fears that they might meddle if and when she requires a facelift in the future.

The Expend4bles actress also shot down buccal fat removal allegations and rumors. “I’ll never have any fat removed,” she said. “I’m a very lean person that doesn’t have enough body fat or fat in my face, so I will only ever put fat in — I will never take fat out.”



Fox clarified that this is also why she has never underwent any body contouring procedures, liposuction or a BBL (Brazilian butt lift), although she expressed interest in getting the last one done in the future. Regarding her hypothetical BBL, Fox added: “It’s gotta stop people in their tracks.”

According to Fox, she has had breast augmentation done on three separate occasions. “I had my boobs done when I was 21 or 22, I had them redone when I was done breastfeeding my kids, and then I had to have them redone very recently because the first set, I didn’t have enough body fat to disguise [the] rippling of the implant, so I had to switch them out to this set,” Fox explained.



In her early 20s, over a decade ago, Fox disclosed having undergone rhinoplasty or a nose job. Despite repeated ‘retouching surgery’ accusations, she vehemently maintains that her current appearance is merely the result of clever makeup application. “I like to contour it down until it’s just nostrils, like Voldemort — no nose, just two holes,” Fox confessed.

Cooper inquired about Fox’s experience with Botox and fillers, to which she confirmed that she has indeed experimented with both. Before concluding the interview, Fox also hinted at an undisclosed plastic surgery procedure that she intends to keep private, with the exception of disclosing it to Cooper off-camera. “I’m gatekeeping because it was really good, and it’s not a known plastic surgery,” Fox said. “People don’t even really know about it.”

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