Robin Williams

Robin Williams was a Philhellene

One of the most influential people in movies and in television, Robin Williams, committed s*icide in August 2014.

Robin Williams was a comedian, actor, director, producer, writer, singer and voice artist. Robin was also a loving husband and father to three children. Most people know Robin Williams from his roles in hit movies such as “Good Will Hunting”, “Dead Poets Society”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, and his voice-over work in Disney’s “Aladdin”.

Oscar-winning Robin Williams’ death has stunned the world, and various parts of his life are being examined. To many, he was an icon to be worshipped and an inspiration. However, he was also a remarkable Philhellene.

Greek TV host George Satsidis interviewed him in 2011 while promoting the animated feature “Happy Feet 2” that features his voice. During the interview, Williams expressed his appreciation for Greece.

Here’s a transcript from that interview:

I know you’ve visited Greece. What do you think?

Williams: “I have come for a holiday on a boat and we went to all the islands. Facing them, you say – “I can not believe that here is recounted everything we read in Greek mythology.” Greek History is something all mankind must bow to.

Maybe your economy goes to hell, but that does not mean you’re helpless. Economic data is constantly changing in Europe and America for all. What is not changing is the legacy, your identity. The Parthenon does not leave Athens. It’s there to remind you that progress and prosperity may return.

I am now in England, for example, I went nowhere. I’m here to promote the movie and I will leave. What to see, Buckingham Palace? I do not care. As when I go to Germany, I’m not interested in the Berlin Wall, which is not a symbol of prosperity, but the opposite. But you can not ignore Delos, the Parthenon and Mycenae!”

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