New For 2024: SIG Sauer Cross Trax

SIG’s modern entrant into the precision hunting rifle category was its Cross rifle, introduced in 2020. Over the years, the company has added to its Cross rifle line-up, with rifles tailored to PRS and law-enforcement users and SIG’s recent Magnum version of the Cross. New for 2024, the company is introducing the Cross TRAX, a lightweight and compact precision hunting rifle.

Right side of the SIG Sauer Cross Trax, sitting on a mossy log with its stock folded.The TRAX is a minimalist version of the Cross rifle, designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible.

The Cross TRAX bolt-action has all of the basic features of the original Cross rifle, including its one-piece modular receiver/chassis and a three-lug bolt that has a 60-degree throw. It has a two-stage match trigger and uses an AICS-pattern magazine with one five-round version provided. The initial chambering offered is .308 Win.

Right side of the SIG Sauer Cross Trax rifle.The TRAX builds on the basic architecture of the Cross rifle including its modular one-piece receiver/chassis.

Left side of the SIG Sauer Cross Trax rifle.A lighter barrel profile and new skeletonized ultralight handguard contribute to the TRAX’s weight savings.

In an effort to save size and weight, the TRAX uses a 16” stainless-steel barrel with a tapered profile and its muzzle threaded 5/8×24 TPI. The aluminum handguard is a new ultra lightweight skeletonized design with a length of 11.5” that has M-Lok slots. Like the original Cross, the TRAX uses a folding stock but it is of a minimalist design with a “Leg Bone” profile that provides an optimal sight picture. This is matched with a minimalist grip taken from the MCX Rattler.

A combination of the short barrel and folding stock gives the TRAX an overall length of only 26” with the stock folded. To round out the compact package, the TRAX uses a smaller, lower-profile bolt handle. The rifle weighs 6.1 lbs., or a savings of about half a pound over the standard 16” barrel Cross rifle, and it has a satin barrel finish with other parts finished in black anodizing.

SIG Sauer Cross Trax rifle's stock folded along the right side of the receiver.The TRAX uses a folding stock design similar to other Cross rifles, but of a minimalist “Leg Bone” design.

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