Only Fools and Horses

‘I visited the Only Fools and Horses themed pub and it took me right back to my childhood’

Trotters Bar is filled with memorabilia and décor inspired by the classic BBC show Only Fools and Horses

Classic BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses may have been off the air for 20 years now, but all you need to do is utter the words ‘lovely jubbly’ in a crowded room full of people and you’ll be sparking up a conversation full of the show’s classic quips and quotes in no time.

And if you happen to do it in a pub themed after the show? Well, you’ll more than likely be there for hours on end as one customer recently found out.

In the quaint North Yorkshire town of Harrogate lies Trotters Bar – a pub full of memorabilia and décor that even the most diehard of Only Fools collectors and fans will find something new to look at.

Trotters Bar is something on an unexpected spot in posh Harrogate
Trotters Bar is something of an unexpected spot in Harrogate (Image: Craig Jones/YorkshireLive)

If you are a 30-something, like me, Only Fools and Horses probably made up part of your 1990s Christmas experience. While, these days, surely there aren’t things which more accurately herald the arrival of Christmas as when Gold chuck all the festive Only Fools repeats into their schedule.

So, in many ways, as we wandered ever closer to Trotters Bar, of course honing in on a photo with the Reliant Robin, taking pride of place outside the boozer, I couldn’t help but feel a little festive.

Only Fools and Horses ran from 1981 to 2003
Only Fools and Horses ran from 1981 to 2003 (Image: BBC)

Inside, you couldn’t accuse the team behind the bar, dedicated to the comedy starring Sir David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst, of scrimping on the theme. The walls were adorned with memorabilia which will have fans chuckling at memories of The Jolly Boys Outing, To Hull and Back and that iconic chandelier scene.

Modestly sized, the venue, a little like Peckham’s finest The Nags Head, is something of a spit and sawdust boozer. Equally, like its fictional counterpart, if felt like it had a sense of heart. We felt welcomed with open arms by the locals…even if we were a bit loud.

A look at the artwork on the walls of Trotters Bar
A look at the artwork on the walls of Trotters Bar (Image: Craig Jones/YorkshireLive)

During our Saturday afternoon visit, it was full to the brim. One of our number quickly made friends with a dog chasing a ball while the bar staff put on the football, at our request, with the action on screen causing a little bit of ‘French language’ to be exerted…but not quite like Del Boy’s pigeon bilingual attempts.

On tap, visitors will find a selection of beers at a reasonable price. Again, possibly another reason why it was so full.

There’s no denying if you are a fan of Only Fools then you’d be a plonker not to visit Trotters Bar and experience its cushty set up.

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