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The cast of the next Clint Eastwood continues to grow

Juror #2the new (and last?) film directed by Clint Eastwood expands its super cast.

At several periods of his gigantic career, director Clint Eastwood has delivered different (more or less) great twilight films. Magnificent Ruthlessreleased in 1992, to the recent and moving The mulereleased in 2018, going through its Gran Torinoin 2008, the filmmaker also filmed the aging of one’s own body than that of the figure of the American herowhich he helped to invent in the 60s and 70s.

It is a safe bet that Juror #2, the next feature film by the 93-year-old filmmaker, will be part of this category of films. Having started filming last June, the film starring Nicholas Hoult, Toni Collette and Zoey Deutch had to see production stopped due to the Hollywood actors’ strike. Filming has now resumed in Atlanta, and according to an article in Hollywood Reporterwith a new actor in its cast: Chris Messina.

Air: photo, Chris Messina

When you hear that you’re going to play for Eastwood


Argo at Clint Eastwood

Recently passed through the I Care a Lot from Netflix, the Air directed by Ben Affleck and the film adaptation of Bogeyman by Stephen King, Chris Messina has also acted for renowned filmmakers such as Woody Allen, Sam Mendes and Noah Baumbach. The man also went behind the camera to direct a unique feature film, Alex of Venicewith Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Don Johnson.

In Juror #2Chris Messina will play the role of a public defender. As a reminder, this new film directed by Clint Eastwood will tell the story of a man who finds himself a juror in a trial for a murder he himself committed. He then finds himself faced with a moral dilemma between protecting himself or giving himself up, and thus exonerating the accused.

The Boogeyman: photo, Chris Messina

Chris Messina in The Bogeyman

Nicholas Hoult plays the juror/criminal, Zoey Deutch his wife and Toni Collette the prosecutor. The film was written by Jonathan Abrams (associate producer of the film Escape). No release date has yet been revealed for this Juror #2but to wait, let’s remember that Nicholas Hoult will soon return to the Nosferatu directed by Robert Eggers, in which he will play the character of Thomas Hutter. Chris Messina, for his part, is in the casting of Airalways available on Amazon prime video since May 12.

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