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Metal Singer + Radio Station Prank Called Donald Trump

Jason Rockman (singer of metal band Slaves on Dope) and his radio co-host on the Montreal, Canada station Énergie successfully prank called former U.S. President Donald Trump yesterday (Sept. 13) while impersonating celebrities.

They even reportedly invited journalists to observe the entire phone call and, at the end, the hosts revealed themselves and informed Trump that he had indeed been pranked.

Who Prank Called Donald Trump + Who Did They Impersonate?

Jason Rockman fronts nu-metal band Slaves on Dope, who are also from Montreal, Canada. His co-host on the Énergie radio station is Sébastien Trudel.

Rockman pretended to be famed 93-year-old actor and film director Clint Eastwood, who, like Trump, is also a celebrity-turned-one-term-politician, having served as mayor of the California city of Carmel-by-the-Sea from 1986 to 1988.

Trudel, meanwhile, pretended to be legendary mixed martial artist, 42-year-old Georges St-Pierre.

What Did Donald Trump Say During the Prank Call?

In a minute-long video clip shared by CTV News (which can be viewed below), Trump bemoaned his legal troubles as he faces 91 criminal charges across four different indictments. He alleges he’s “going to win” and notes, “We’re going to win by more than we thought,” commenting on the emotional toll it all takes on him and his family.

The outlet also reports that Trudel (pretending to be St-Pierre) discussed a potential fundraiser for Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign, which the former President seems to find agreeable.

Once it’s revealed that he’s the victim of a prank call, Trump replies, “It sounded a little hokey, but that’s okay. I’ve had that before,” suggesting the radio co-hosts are not the first to fool him with a phony phone call. He is reported to have said that the stunt was “not the best” and bid them farewell, saying, “Have a good time, fellas. You just take care of yourselves.”

Listen to snippets of the prank call directly below.

How Did The Pranksters Get a Hold of Donald Trump?

In an interview with, Trudel explained that multiple attempts were made to reach various members of Trump’s inner circle and ultimately communicated with someone at the front desk of one of Trump’s golf clubs.

As communication worked its way closer to Trump, the request eventually made its way to Chamberlain Harris, his former White House receptionist. It was Harris who later got in touch with Rockman and a date was set for the phone call with Trump to take place.

About Slaves on Dope

Slaves on Dope have released a total of five albums, from their 1997 debut One Good Turn Deserves Another through their latest, 2016’s Horse. They last performed live on Feb. 17, 2017 in Montreal.

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