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$1000 Offered to Anyone Who Can Find Biden’s John Wayne Quote

President Biden raised a few eyebrows earlier this week when, at a press conference in Vietnam, he cited a line from a movie that he said starred John Wayne and called skeptics of climate change “lying, dog-faced pony soldier[s].”

The president, who has invoked this line and attributed it to a film with the late film legend Wayne before, also invoked his brother and claimed he was a fan of Western films.

Now, the John Wayne Birthplace and Museum is getting into the act.

“I will give $1,000 to anyone who can tell us when or in what movie John Wayne said that,” Brian Downes, executive director of the Wayne Museum, told Newsmax on Tuesday evening.

“[Biden’s quote] is ridiculous,” said Downes, “John Wayne never said that. And you can quote me!”

The “pony soldier” line is one Biden initially used to reply to someone who asked him a question at a rally in 2020. So far, no one has been able to find it in a John Wayne movie. The closest to this is the title of a 1952 movie “Pony Soldier,” but it stars another film legend — the late Tyrone Power — but not John Wayne.

The Wayne Museum, located in the actor’s hometown of Winterset, Iowa, is a popular tourist attraction and many reporters covering the quadrennial Iowa presidential caucus have visited it. It features automobiles, motion picture posters, family photographs, and other mementos of the screen star known to fans as “The Duke.”

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