Illinois bill defines these guns as ‘assault weapons’

A measure being debated at the Illinois statehouse defines dozens of semi-automatic pistols, shotguns and rifles as “assault weapons.”

House Bill 5855 from state Rep. Bob Morgan, D-Deerfield, is being debated in a House committee this week. If passed, the measure would prohibit anyone under 21 from getting a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card unless they are enlisted in the armed services. The bill would also prohibit the sale and possession of any magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Among other provisions include extending gun-related restraining orders from six months to a year.

While the legislation says “assault weapon” does not include any gun that is bolt, pump, lever or slide action, is unserviceable or made inoperable, antique, uses rimfire ammunition or cartridges, “or has been excluded as an assault weapon in a Department of Natural Resources rule,” it does list around 100 different types of guns and brands as assault weapons.

Anyone in possession of an “assault weapon” would have 300 days from the bill’s enactment to register the firearm with Illinois State Police. Below is the list of guns listed as “assault weapons” in the legislation.

“Assault pistol”

AA Arms AP-9 pistol

Armalite M15 11.5 pistol

Beretta 93R pistol

Bushmaster pistol

Claridge HI-TEC pistol

D Max Industries pistol

EKO Cobra pistol

Encom MK-IV, MP-9, or MP-45 pistol

Heckler and Koch MP5K, MP7, SP-89, or VP70 pistol

Holmes MP-83 pistol

Ingram MAC 10/11 pistol and variations, including Partisan Avenger and the SWD Cobray

Intratec TEC-9/DC-9 pistol in any centerfire variation

P.A.W.S. type pistol

Skorpion pistol

Spectre double action pistol (Sile, F.I.E., Mitchell)

Stechkin automatic pistol

Steyer tactical pistol

UZI pistol

Weaver Arms Nighthawk pistol

Wilkinson “Linda” pistol

“Assault shotgun or rifle”

American Arms Spectre da Semiautomatic carbine.




Armalite M15

Avtomat Kalashnikov semiautomatic rifle in any format, including the AK-47 in all forms

Algimec AGM-1 type semi-auto

AR 100 type semi-auto

AR 180 type semi-auto

Argentine L.S.R. semi-auto

Australian Automatic Arms SAR type semi-auto

Auto-Ordnance Thompson M1 and 1927 semi-automatics

Barrett light .50 cal. semi-auto

Beretta AR70 type semi-auto

Bushmaster semi-auto rifle

Calico models M-100 and M-900

CIS SR 88 type semi-auto

Claridge HI TEC C-9 carbines

Colt AR-15, CAR-15, and all imitations except Colt AR-15 Sporter H-BAR rifle

Daewoo MAX 1 and MAX 2, aka AR 100, 110C, K-1, and K-2

Dragunov Chinese made semi-auto

Famas semi-auto (.223 caliber)

Feather AT-9 semi-auto

FN LAR and FN FAL assault rifle

FNC semi-auto type carbine

F.I.E./Franchi LAW 12 and SPAS 12 assault shotgun

Smith & Wesson M&P 15

Steyr-AUG-SA semi-auto

Galil models AR and ARM semi-auto

Heckler and Koch HK-91 A3, HK-93 A2, HK-94 A2 and A3

Holmes model 88 shotgun

Manchester Arms “Commando” MK-45, MK-9

Mandell TAC-1 semi-auto carbine

Mossberg model 500 Bullpup assault shotgun

Sterling Mark 6

P.A.W.S. carbine

Ruger mini-14 folding stock model (.223 caliber)

SIG 550/551 assault rifle (.223 caliber)

SKS with detachable magazine

AP-74 Commando type semi-auto

Springfield Armory BM-59, SAR-48, G3, SAR-3, M-21 sniper rifle, and M1A, excluding the M1 Garand

Street sweeper assault type shotgun

Striker 12 assault shotgun in all formats

Unique F11 semi-auto type

Daewoo USAS 12 semi-auto shotgun

UZI 9mm carbine or rifle

Valmet M-76 and M-78 semi-auto

Weaver Arms “Nighthawk” semi-auto carbine

Wilkinson Arms 9mm semi-auto “Terry”

Among other definitions, the legislation says an “assault weapon” is a “semiautomatic, centerfire rifle that can accept a detachable magazine and has: folding or telescoping stock, “Any grip of the weapon,” a flash suppressor, “A grenade launcher or flare launcher, length of less than 30 inches, a threaded barrel (for pistols), a shrouded barrel and more.

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