5 Classic Modern Warfare Weapons That Should Join Season 3’s Intervention in MW2 & Warzone 2

Bring back the classics, Activision!

Recent Call of Duty instalments have toed a line between new and classic content pretty adeptly; with Modern Warfare 2 continuing that trend as well. With players looking ahead to Season 3 of post-launch content, the developers have confirmed that the Intervention sniper rifle will return, albeit under the new moniker of the FJX Imperium. To that effect, we’re picking five more classic CoD: Modern Warfare weapons that could join the Intervention in future seasons of MW2 and Warzone 2.

1. G36C

G36C from Call of Duty on Modern Warfare background
Image Credit: Activision

The G36C, like a number of weapons on this list, has featured in multiple CoD titles through the years. It’s a strong all-round assault rifle, boasting decent damage, range and handling.

That versatility makes it a great candidate for a MW2 or Warzone 2 reincarnation though, being able to gear it to specific playstyles using the gunsmith’s plethora of attachments and adjustments – customization that just didn’t exist in the 2007 or 2009 games.

The idea of collapsing the stock or equpping a much lighter barrel to improve its ADS and make it an AR-SMG hybrid like the Kastov-74u is one that stands out.

2. R700

R700 from Call of Duty on Modern Warfare background
Image Credit: Activision

Another classic CoD sniper rifle, the R700 is often overlooked because it was outperformed way back in 2007’s Modern Warfare by the M40A3. It’s more than capable of holding its own though, firing quickly and doing enough damage to acquire consistent one-hits. The M40A3 doesn’t match its speed, especially the rapid and forgiving version we got in Black Ops Cold War (where it was named the Pelington 703).

It’s a perfect candidate for MW2 because of its simplicity and quick-scope potential, hitting hard but without the flashy design of some of the 2022 instalment’s sniper pool. Again, we like the idea of adding attachments and customizing it to the extent that’s become possible in new CoDs.

3. ACR

ACR from Call of Duty on Modern Warfare background
Image Credit: Activision

High damage and low recoil, as you’d imagine, combine for a formidable assault rifle. The ACR has already returned after its first appearance in 2009’s MW2, and we’d love to see it again in the rebooted Modern Warfare 2. Currently, there’s not really a comparable assault rifle that does such damage with such little recoil.

It’d admittedly need some weaknesses to be balanced before it can be introduced into the current meta. Its laser-like accuracy would make it a frightening proposition on Al Mazrah or Ashika Island, much like the ISO Hemlock of WZ2 or Grau of the first BR. In fact, if it drops in Warzone with such negligible recoil and ease-of-use, we could see it among the best weapons in the game.

4. UMP45

UMP45 from Call of Duty on Modern Warfare background
Image Credit: Activision

Another SMG that’s been brought back in various forms across the years, the UMP45 is a quick and forgiving close-range weapon that’s perfect for aggressive players and playstyles, so if you’re confident you should also be throwing your weight behind this choice.

While it could flourish in a sniper support role, we’d love to see it back in MW2 and Warzone 2 because its speed and low-recoil would make it a formidable opponent to the Fennec (before it was nerfed heavily) or the Lachmann Sub.

You might need to augment its handling with rear grip and stock alterations, but it seems like the kind of weapon that’d thrive in this year’s games.

5. Model 1887

Model 1887 from Call of Duty on Modern Warfare background
Image Credit: Activision

The final weapon we’d like to see back is the Model 1887. This shotgun packed an incredible punch in old Modern Warfare games, no more so than when it was run akimbo. We won’t advocate for that just yet (we’re still getting over the ‘duf-duf’ KV Broadside from Warzone 2 Season 2) but it would be welcome to see this lever-action juggernaut back in the mix.

Shotguns in Warzone 2, after the nerf to the KV Broadside, have regressed to the norm of being underwhelming and the Model 1887 seems the perfect gun to reverse that trend and make one stand out.

That’s 5 classic Modern Warfare weapons we’d love to see join the Intervention in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. Only time will tell how strong the Intervention drops in Season 3 but, when it does, we’ll have it all covered here on Twinfinite.

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