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John Wayne Fans Call His Son’s ‘Pawn Stars’ Appearance the Best Expert Appearance Ever in Sketchy ‘Rio Grande’ Dealing

Oscar-winning John Wayne was one of the biggest stars ever to work in Hollywood, which made sellers on Pawn Stars believe that they could make good money from his memorabilia. In the spirit of the reality television show, many items aren’t valued at the price that they’re thinking. However, Wayne’s son, Ethan, himself showed up as an expert in what fans are calling the best guest appearance ever in an odd Rio Grande dealing.

John Wayne memorabilia landed on ‘Pawn Stars’ before

'Rio Grande' actor John Wayne as Lieutenant Colonel Kirby Yorke, whose fake sword ended up on 'Pawn Stars.' A black-and-white picture of him holding a sword and gun, while standing in a Western costume.
John Wayne as Lieutenant Colonel Kirby Yorke | Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Pawn Stars attracted several pieces of Wayne memorabilia, although they didn’t all attract the same level of attention. Surprisingly, a senior-year high school yearbook earned $800 for the seller to take a nice vacation with. It highlighted the various extracurricular activities that he filled his time with over the course of his adolescence.

However, that’s not the only Wayne item that landed on Pawn Stars. A cowboy hat also found its way at the shop, but it was declared a fake. How does Rick Harrison authenticate these items? He brings in a special expert to clear up any uncertainties – Wayne’s son himself, Ethan.

John Wayne fans called his son’s ‘Pawn Stars’ appearance the best one yet

The official Pawn Stars YouTube page uploaded a clip showing a legendary Wayne prop sword from Rio Grande.

He played Lieutenant Colonel Kirby Yorke in the 1950 romantic Western. The story follows Wayne’s lead character, who must deal with local Apaches with the goal of killing them. Everything is made more complicated when his estranged son shows up as a recruit, followed by his mother to bring him home.

The seller approached Rick Harrison and The Old Man on Pawn Stars with Wayne’s Rio Grande hero sword, asking for a staggering $12,000 for it. He showed a prop tag from the Western Costume Co. that listed a corresponding number written on the blade. Additionally, the seller showed a signed certificate of authenticity from the same company.

Rick called a friend who was the expert on all things Wayne – Ethan. He had some concerns with the sword, including the fact that there wasn’t an engraving on it that he expected to see. He happened to know the owner of the Western Costume Co., Eddie, so he gave him a call. Eddie gave the unfortunate news that the sword was a fake.

Users in the comments called Ethan a “good buddy to call,” and noted that he was “absolutely the best.” They loved how the seller looked uncomfortable when he discovered that Rick was calling Wayne’s son. Additionally, the comments wrote that they thought the Rio Grande deal was sketchy, accusing him of supposedly knowing that he was selling a fake.

Ethan Wayne is very involved in his father’s memory

Pawn Stars viewers questioning Ethan’s status as an expert of Wayne memorabilia perhaps weren’t aware of his background. In addition to being the movie star’s son, he became incredibly diligent when it came to preserving his father’s memory.

Ethan manages John Wayne Enterprises and works as the director of the John Wayne Cancer Foundation. Additionally, he created its Team DUKE fundraising program.

Wayne’s son certainly provided “wow factor” to Pawn Stars. He’s deeply involved in his father’s memory, but but he also has his own presence on television.

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