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Only Fools and Horses: The hilarious time David Jason was slammed by an angry fan for ‘eating like a pig’

The angry letter was written in capital, block letters and it was clear how enraged the fan was

Only Fools And Horses legend David Jason was once slammed by an angry fan for how he ate. In his autobiography A Del of a Life, the 83-year-old wrote that one angry viewer asked him why he’s always “eating like a pig” whenever he’s on the screen.

He added that the letter was written in capital, block letters and it was clear how enraged the author was by how firmly the pen had been pressed down on the paper. But he clearly saw the funny side of it, and joked that had there been a return address he would have ‘go round and eat in front of them’, reports The Express.

Despite this he penned how an anonymous US director commended him on his ability to eat and remain articulate while on-screen. He wrote: “I’m not kidding – the way that I could demolish a bacon sandwich, while making myself crisply audible.”

His ability to eat without muffling his words is a skill that’s taken years to perfect (Image: Don Smith/Radio Times/Getty Images)

He added: “Yet, without spraying breadcrumbs at the length of the room drew awed appreciation from the other side of the pond.” He even reckons that his ability to eat without it getting in the way of his lines should be mentioned in his obituary.

It’s down to ‘working efficiently with foodstuffs,’ a skill that he had ‘cultivated’. The Del Boy actor joked: “The obituary writers will always have that I guess, ‘He was the leading actor of his generation when it came to falling through a bar-flap.”

“‘And he knew how to stuff his face on camera.’ At the same time, maybe I shouldn’t brag too much.” He certainly prides himself on his ability to eat and act at the same time, as he thinks it’s blatantly obvious when an actor fakes it.

He claims we can ‘always’ tell when there’s been a ‘fake sip’ because there is no weight to the mug and their lips often look unnatural.

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