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Robin Williams’ Sons And Daughter Live Far From Ordinary Lives Years After His Passing

After losing their beloved father, all three of Robin Williams' children have gone on to lead interesting lives.

At the end of every year, people put together lists of the celebrities who passed away over the previous 365 days. Of course, it should go without saying that it is sad anytime a popular star takes their final breath.

Even though every celebrity passing makes fans upset, millions of people were deeply saddened when the world learned that Robin Williams was no longer among the living. In fact, since then some people have come to believe that Robin Williams is the saddest celebrity death of all time.

As sad as Robin Williams’ fans were to learn of his passing, his family obviously was much more devastated. Worse yet, Robin Williams’ widow has said that the media’s coverage of Robin’s passing made things harder for her.

On top of leaving behind a widow, Robin Williams also had two sons and a daughter. While Robin’s children were forced to deal with the heartbreak of his passing, all three of them persevered and went on to lead interesting lives.

Who Is Robin Williams’ Son Cody Alan Williams?

By the time Robin Williams passed away in 2014, the beloved actor’s widow was the third woman he’d tied the knot with. During Robin’s first two marriages, he welcomed his three children, who he loved deeply from all accounts, into the world.

During Robin Williams’ second marriage to Marsha Garces Williams, the couple welcomed his youngest son Cody Alan Williams into the world in November of 1991.

Unlike Robin’s other children, Cody has eschewed social media to date. As a result, Robin’s fans who’ve wanted to see how Cody is doing have had a hard time keeping track of him. On the bright side, Cody appears to be leading a happy life.

On the day that would have been Robin Williams’ birthday in 2019, Cody Williams and Maria Flores got married.

When it comes to Cody Williams’ career, he has become a Second Unit Director or Assistant Director. So far, Cody has worked on several Marvel Cinematic Universe projects behind the scenes including Moon Knight, Hawkeye, Black Panther, and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Who Is Robin Williams’ Son Zachary Pym Williams?

When Robin Williams signed up to star in the movie adaptation of Popeye, he had high hopes for the project. While the movie ultimately failed, it still changed Robin’s wife since he met his costar, Valerie Velardi, while working on the movie.

The second of Robin Williams’ two children from his first marriage to Valerie Velardi, his son who typically goes by Zak Williams was born in April of 1983.

Just like both of his parents, Zak Williams has acting credits, although he only appeared in a pair of little-seen movies. Instead of concentrating on acting, Zak Williams has dedicated himself to working to help people with mental health struggles.

Since Robin Williams’ untimely passing, his son Zak Williams has advocated for people with mental health issues getting help to make their bodies and minds healthy. As a part of those efforts, Zak became the CEO of a dietary supplement company called PYM-Prepare Your Mind.

A staunch believer that keeping your body healthy plays a key role in people with mental health issues getting better, Zak co-founded PYM with his wife Olivia June.

As a part of PYM’s commitment to helping people with mental health struggles, in 2021 Zak announced that PYM had partnered with the charity organization Bring Change to Mind.

A charity that was founded by the famed actor Glenn Close, Bring Change to Mind’s mission is “to end the stigma around mental health and provide peer-to-peer led mental health support groups to teens in high school”.

On top of Zak Williams joining Bring Change to Mind’s board of directors, PYM is donating 1% of its sales to the cause.

Who Is Robin Williams’ Daughter Zelda Williams?

While Robin Williams’ fans are interested in all three of his kids, it seems pretty clear that his daughter Zelda gets the most attention. Robin’s only daughter, Zelda was born in July of 1989 during his second marriage.

Part of the reason why Zelda Williams has garnered so much attention is how she handled her father’s passing. Both on social media and during interviews, Zelda was very open about how her father’s passing affected her and how she moved on with her life.

On top of having to deal with her grief in public, Zelda Williams has used all of her experiences in life, both the good and the bad, to inspire her new career. A writer and actor, Zelda seems compelled to express herself through the art of filmmaking.

In terms of Zelda Williams’ acting career, her most notable credits are voice roles as she has lent her voice to The Legend of Korra and two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons.

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