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Clint Eastwood’s Daughter Describes Growing Up With a Famous Father: ‘Very Down to Earth’

The career of Clint Eastwood has spanned decades with him starring in movies ranging from Dirty Harry to Unforgiven. He has enjoyed massive success and continues to do so. It might lead some movie stars to get the “big head” and think the world revolves around them. Apparently, this is not the case for our man Clint. One of his daughters pulled back the curtain on her father’s private life.

“He’s down-to-earth, enjoys nature and jazz and hanging out and having a beer,” Alison Eastwood says in an article from The Neighbor. Alison and her brother Kyle were children from Eastwood’s marriage to Maggie Johnson. She was interviewed by Closer magazine. While some stars might enjoy the fans coming up to them, she said that Clint didn’t really go out and seek it. “When we were kids, my dad would take my brother and I [out] for dinner and people would come up to him for autographs,” Alison said. “He’s not someone who craves that.”

Alison Eastwood Does Stay Close To Famous Father Clint Eastwood

She does stay close and in touch with her famous father. In fact, Alison said that the entire extended family will come together on Thanksgiving. Clint Eastwood’s other children include daughters Morgan, Laurie, Kimber, Kathryn, and Francesca, and another son, Scott. Speaking of Francesca, she recently posted a rare selfie on Instagram.

OK, let’s get back to Clint Eastwood for a bit. The actor is quite proud of his work and that includes the aforementioned Dirty Harry. He plays San Francisco cop Harry Callahan there. Fans, though, were making some critical comments about it and he just had enough. There have been some contrasting thoughts over the years since Dirty Harry first appeared in 1971. A lot of things have changed when it comes to culture. Back in 2017, Eastwood appeared at the Cannes Film Festival and offered some comments. “A lot of people thought it was politically incorrect,” he said. “That was at the beginning of the era that we’re in now with political correctness.”

Another Eastwood movie that we alluded to was Unforgiven. Did you know that Gene Hackman almost turned down his role? The movie came along at a time when Hackman, known for movies like The French Connection, didn’t want to do any more violent movies. Eastwood said in an interview with the American Film Institute that he sent the script to Hackman. After an initial refusal, Eastwood told Hackman that a statement against violence could be made in the movie. Hackman read the script again and agreed to do it.

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