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Robin Williams’ Son Leaves Fans Emotional As He Remembers Late Dad On Anniversary

August 11 marked the seventh anniversary of the death of beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams, who was 63.

Zak Williams led family, friends and fans who remembered comic genius Robin Williams on August 11.

The somber date marked the seventh anniversary of the shocking death of beloved actor who was 63.

The Good Will Hunting star’s oldest son Zak took to Twitter on Wednesday to pay tribute to his father.

“Dad, seven years ago today you passed on. The joy and inspiration you brought to the world carries on in your legacy and in your family, friends, and fans you so loved,” he captioned a picture of a youthful Robin sporting a thick beard.

“You lived to bring laughter and to help others. I will be celebrating your memory today. Love you forever.

Zak most recently spoke about his father in July on what would have been his 70th birthday. The 38-year-old appeared on The Genius Life podcast with Max Lugavere and spoke about his father’s “frustration” after he was misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

It would only be revealed after his death by suicide that he had been suffering from Lewy body dementia.

It is the second most common type of progressive dementia after Alzheimer’s.

“What I saw was frustration,” Zak shared.

“What he was going through didn’t match one to one [with what] many Parkinson’s patients experience. So, I think that was hard for him.”

He continued: “There was a focus issue that frustrated him, there were issues associated with how he felt and also from a neurological perspective he didn’t feel great. He was very uncomfortable,” he added.

Zak – who recently appeared in Apple TV’s, The Me You Can’t See, also wondered if the drugs his father took to combat the wrong condition might have sped up his deterioration.

“Those drugs are no joke. They’re also really hard on the mind and the body,” he explained.

“I couldn’t help but feel beyond empathy. I couldn’t help but feel frustrated for him,” Zak continued. “It can be really isolating even when you’re with family and loved ones.”

Zak is Robin’s only child with his first wife Valerie Velardi, but the entertainer also shared daughter Zelda, 32, and son Cody, 29, with his second wife Marsha Garces.

Fans also paid tribute to Robin Williams on social media.

“RIP Robin, the funniest and saddest man of all time,” one person wrote online.

“I actually watched Mrs Doubtfire this evening – one of the most brilliantly funny films of all time,” a second added.

“It’s really been 7 years?!!! That was a hard celebrity death to accept- it still is. He was just a ball of energy! he was so smart and so funny – he just brought joy even when he wasn’t joyful. RIP Robin, we all still miss you greatly!” a third commented.

“Robin Williams was one of a kind, a true comedic genius. He is still very much missed. Can’t believe it’s been 7 years, wow!! RIP! Such a kind person who made the world better,” a fourth chimed in.

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