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The best and worst Only Fools and Horses episodes according to fans

Here we take a look at all of the episodes that been ranked best to worst

Only Fools and Horses is considered one of the most popular and successful British sitcoms. The BBC series, which first aired back in 1981, has a number of memorable episodes which many dedicated fans have probably gone back to re-watch for the hundredth time.

Although many can agree on the episodes that are their favourites, some fans of the iconic show may prefer some over others. But, it seems that a majority of fans can shake hands on the ones they absolutely loved and hated.

Here MyLondon takes a look at the highest and lowest ranked according to fans, using their IMDB ratings. We broke down the top and bottom five episodes and have included summaries and reviews for each one.

The highest rated episodes

1. The Jolly Boys’ Outing

This episode was remarkable (Image: BBC)

The Jolly Boys Outing is the seventh episode in series 6 and is the highest rated one on IMDB. This legendary episodes sees the Nag’s Head regulars head to the seaside town of Margate for an eventful day trip.

Many reviewers have praised this episode for being ‘the funniest thing ever to be made’.

One person left a comment saying: “Very funny episode of the situation comedy Only Fools and Horses but to me this was the turning point in the series when Raquel and Cassandra were firmly established as characters and personally I think they ruined the series.”

Whilst another user said: “The Jolly Boys outing to Margate, one of the very best, funniest things ever made. Arguably Only Fools and Horses at its peak, with all characters at their very best.

“The laughs come thick and fast, and run the whole way through, with one of the funniest ever guest appearances, Rosalind Knight, who plays Bella, she is hilarious as the terrifying hotel owner.”

2. Time on Our Hands

Only Fools and Horses is a cherished show (Image: BBC)

Time on Our Hands is the second highest ranked episode. The episode was packed with interesting storylines including fans seeing Raquel, played by Tessa Peake Jones, nervous when she’d prepared to introduce her parents to Del Boy.

Elsewhere, Rodney struggled to come to terms following Cassandra’s miscarriage and Del and Rodney are seen getting up to their usual mischief as they stumble across gold and a valuable watch that has been lost for centuries.

One reviewer and avid fan took to the TV and Film website to flood the episode with admiration writing: “Classic stuff and probably should have been the final episode of the series (not that I was complaining when they announced a new episode would be coming in 2001). The Trotters finally get their break.

“But this is contrasted with darker themes including Del trying to force Rodney to open up about his recent tragedy. It wants to wrap everything up and feels like it really was planned to be the finale, which is should perhaps have been, but there were still good moments to come.”

3. Heroes and villains

This episode gave us plenty of laughs (Image: BBC)

In this episode, we see Del try to gain a home improvement grant by the local council. After giving Rodney a bracelet for his birthday inscribed ‘Rooney’, Del drives Rodney to a fancy dress party where they are dressed as Batman and Robin. Meanwhile, Rodney finds out some exciting news from Cassandra.

The beloved episode has been loved by fans due to its thrilling plot and famous scene that has gone down in history. “Iconic brilliance, one of the best episodes of one of the best ever sitcoms. From beginning to end, this is comedy brilliance, be it the surreal opening, Trigger’s broom, or the famous Batman and Robin scene,” a reviewer wrote.

Adding: “It never gets tired, I cannot think how many times I’ve watched it, but I still howl laughing. Trigger is at his absolute best here. The writing is awesome, and arguably one of the show’s best, however the acting is perfection.”

4. Chain Gang

In the episode, Del puts together a consortium to buy a set of 18 carat gold chains from a retired jeweller. It is the fourth highest episode on the list. ‘Chain Gang’ was the third episode of series 6, and was first broadcast on 22 January 1989.

5. Yuppy Love

Yuppy Love aired back in 1989. In the episode we saw Del arm himself with red braces and yuppy sorts and goes forth to do battle. Unfortunately, his flirtation with the yuppie world doesn’t seem to be as successful as Rodney’s flirtation with the lovely Cassandra.

The lowest rated episodes

5. Video Nasty

Video Nasty received mixed reviews (Image: PA)

Video Nasty is the fifth episode in the fifth series of the BBC hit sitcom. Viewers sees Rodney is given a grant to make a community film, but Del had something else in mind as he thinks it’s a great opportunity to line his own pockets.

The episode has received mix reviews. One fan gave the episode a seven out of ten rating and went onto write: “Del explaining his film idea to Rodney and Albert is the best scene in the entire fifth series if you ask me.

“The episode as a whole starts off pretty good: sometimes the pub banter in some of them can be pretty dull but it’s all good here. As the episode unfolds it kind of runs out of steam. I would have given it a 5 overall but that Rhino loose in the city scene really is a good giggle and ramps it up.”

4. A Slow Bus to Chingford

The OFAH cast (Image: PA)

A Slow Bus to Chingford has received a seven out of seven overall rating on IMDB which isn’t at all surprising as it is a cherished episodes for many fans.

In the episode, we see Del rope in a reluctant Rodney and Grandad as he tries to turn Trotter Watch Security and Trotter’s Ethnic Tours into big business.

Unfortunately, this episode doesn’t compare to others as one user dubbed it as ‘forgettable’. They wrote: “I’ve seen this one placed very low in online ranking polls but I remembered it being pretty good and so went in there with high hopes. Alas, it is enjoyable to watch, all of the episodes are, but it is forgettable and lacks many real laughs. Fun, as always, but in my opinion far from the best the show has to offer.”

3. Diamonds Are For Heather

Only Fools and Horses cast (from left to right) Nicholas Lyndhurst as Rodney Trotter, David Jason as Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter and Lennard Pearce as Grandad (Image: BBC)

Diamonds Are Forever explores Del Boy’s romantic life. Viewers see him drinks away his loneliness in Spanish night at The Nag’s Head. There, he meets Heather, who seems to be one friend short of company.

Del falls in love with Heather, a single mother with a son. He then Christmas with a larger family than just Grandad and Rodney when he meets Heather (Rosalind Lloyd).

One user on wrote a review saying they weren’t too keen on the episode writing: “I’ve never been a fan of Del’s romantic episodes during the Granddad era of Only Fools and Horses. This one is probably the strongest of the them as he falls for Heather and develops a close relationship with her son Darren.

“The humour is there, but the drama and melancholy overpowers it a bit too much for me. Not that the serious stuff is too serious, I just think the humour isn’t quite strong enough.”

2. If They Could See Us Now

Only Fools and Horses
This is how IMDB ranked the Only Fools and Horses episodes (Image: TV Grab)

This episode comes in second to last on the list OFAH worst episodes. The first screened on 25 December 2001 as the first part of the show’s early 2000s Christmas trilogy. In the episode, the Trotters lose their fortune and Del goes on a game show to try to regain it.

1. A Royal Flush

A Royal Flush is the fans’ least favourite episode according to the database website. The episode which aired in 1986, romance is in the air again as Rodney meets a pretty girl in the market. After he is invited to a weekend party at her family home, Del is quick to spot the chance of making a fast buck.

Many reviewers thought it was a ‘fun’ episode but just wasn’t the ‘best’.

One fan said: “I love Only Fools and Horses. It is such a brilliant show. Not this episode, though. In this episode Del’s character is mean-spirited and almost cruel to Rodney at times. This episode makes Del’s character look so bad I frankly wish I’d never watched it.”

While another said: “The sign of how much it was disliked is the fact that when it re-released onto DVD it came in a much more edited form, with over 20 minutes of footage removed, and a laughter track added. Sadly it doesn’t do much to improve the fact that this is a weak episode of the show, bar a strong performance from Nicholas Lyndhurst as Rodney.”

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