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That ’90s Show Basement Reveal Sets Up Perfect That ’70s Show Cameos

That 90s Show set photos reveal the return of the iconic basement. This delivers the perfect opportunity for That 70s Show characters to make a cameo.

Set photos from That ’90s Show have revealed that Red and Kitty’s beloved basement creates an opportunity for That ’70s Show cameos. The upcoming Netflix original spin-off will follow the daughter of Eric and Donna Forman, Leia, as she visits her grandparents, Red and Kitty—whose roles will be reprised by Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp—for the summer. While there is no official confirmation of any other original cast members returning, fans can now look forward to the possibility of them making a cameo in the place that’s become synonymous with this show.

That ’70s Show followed Eric Forman and his friends as they navigated through life in the 1970s. At the core of the show is the relationship between Topher Grace’s Eric and Laura Prepon’s Donna. With That ’90s Show confirming that the two had a daughter together, it’s become clear that their relationship has remained strong since the end of That ’70s Show. Whether the upcoming spinoff series plans on changing their relationship is still unclear, and will likely depend quite a bit on if Grace or Prepon are able to return to the show, either as series regulars or occasional cameos.

A new behind-the-scenes photo taken from Twitter reveals the set of That ’90’s Show. In addition to showing Red and Kitty in the middle of a conversation at their kitchen table, one photo shows an image of the iconic basement, and it has been completely unchanged. Not only does this give the series an ideal passing the torch scenario for Leia and her friends, but it also has the potential for characters from That ’70s Show to make a cameo by having one more sit-down in their old hangout.

Eric’s basement in That ’70s Show is the main hangout for him and his friends throughout the series. It is also the spot for many of the gang’s iconic sit-downs, where the camera would circle everyone as they got stoned and rambled about whatever came to mind. The basement is home to some of the most hilarious moments in the series and seeing it remain completely intact in That ’90s Show means that it will likely be used in a similar vein for Leia and her friends. Furthermore, though, it staying the same allows an opportunity for Eric, Donna, and other returning characters to have a hilarious and nostalgic moment in That ’90s Show’s basement, reminiscing of good times and commenting on how little—or how much—things have changed over the years.

Given how beloved That ’70s Show was both during its initial run and its many years in syndication, That ’90s Show has a tricky task ahead, as many revivals do. Not even the return of the beloved pairing of Red and Kitty may be enough to help its cause, as That ’70s Show’s maligned eighth and final season proves. That being said, like many successful “legacy” properties before it, it has the opportunity to deliver a satisfying nostalgia trip while setting the stage for the new generation, and the old That ’70s gang sharing a moment in their go-to hangout spot is just what that could entail.

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