Only Fools and Horses

Here’s what Del Boy’s ex-girlfriend June Snell looks like 35 years after Only Fools and Horses appearance

Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter (David Jason) had many love interests over the years with some ex-girlfriends returning to Peckham.

It wasn’t until he met his beloved partner Raquel Turner (Tessa Peake-Jones) that the hooky dealer decided to settle down and live a family life at his flat in Nelson Mandela House.

But let’s rewind the clock back to 1985 and the Happy Returns episode of Only Fools and Horses.

Rodney Trotter (Nicholas Lyndhurst) fancies a worker down at the local newsagents named Debbie meanwhile Del Boy stops a young lad from being run over by speeding traffic.

He comes across the boy again later that night who tells Del that he’s running away from home because he got into trouble for letting the tires down on the Trotters’ reliant robin.

In an attempt to protect the youngster, Del takes him home and is shocked to see the boy’s mum is an ex-girlfriend from the 1960s called June Snell.

After discovering June (Diane Langton) has a 19-year-old daughter called Debbie, Del is convinced he’s the teenager’s dad and warns Rodney from dating her as they are related.

June confesses Debbie’s dad is actually Del’s old pal Albie Littlewood who ԁıеԁ after taking a shortcut across a railway line, and Del and June appeared to go their separate ways.

However in 1986, June Snell makes a second appearance in the BBC sitcom during the ‘ A Royal Flush ‘ Christmas special.

Once again Rodney is trying to romance another woman this time she is wealthy Lady Victoria Marsham Hales.

As loved-up Rodney takes Victoria to the opera, older brother Del also turns up with June Snell as his date.

Del and June spend the evening behaving rather immaturely by messing around during the performances and annoying other audience members.

This is the last time Only Fools and Horses viewers saw June Snell, so what has the actor been up to since?

Actor Diane Langton has been no stranger to television and is iconic to the Carry On movies playing various roles in the films during the 1970s.

The 74-year-old has also starred in popular series over the years including Heartbeat, EastEnders, Holby City, The Bill, Bergerac, Minder, Streets Apart, Doctors, Ashes to Ashes, and many more.

Hollyoaks fans will know Diane as Nana McQueen, a role she has played on and off since 2007 and is currently starring in the soap.

Despite the years ticking on from her Only Fools appearance, the actor is as entertaining and glamorous as she was during the ’80s.

Her Nana character is fiesty and is never short of a scam or two up her sleeve.

During her time in the soap, Nana has robbed her own house for insurance fraud, has tried it on with her granddaughter’s boyfriend, and is generally outrageous. Although beneath her false lashes and bright fashion Nana has a big heart.

Diane is a certified Hollyoaks legend and plays her role with joy and entertainment, exactly the same way she gave Only Fools fans June Snell all those years ago.

Oh, we love ‘Juney’ – as Del would call her!

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