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Robin Williams Remembered by Fans on What Would Have Been His 69th Birthday

Zelda Williams and fans of Robin Williams took to social media to honor the late comedy legend on his birthday.

Robin Williams would have turned 69 years old today. The late comedy legend and actor passed away in August 2014. Today, in honor of Williams’ birthday, fans have taken to Twitter to share tributes to the Good Will Hunting and Mrs. Doubtfire star.

Zelda Williams, the daughter of Robin Williams, actress, director and daughter of Robin Williams, took to Twitter to remember her father on his birthday. Specifically, to honor his memory, she revealed that she would be donating money to homeless shelters, while making a joke about the nature of the number 69, which is how old her father would have been.

“Today would’ve been Dad’s 69th birthday, so to honor him (& that glorious number), I will be donating $69.69 to as many local homeless shelters as I can. Join me if you like, but regardless, know I am wishing you all at least one hearty, immature belly laugh on Dad today”

Following her initial post, Zelda Williams shared messages regarding her specific donations. Williams also revealed a humorous update, as she had been given a “suspicious activity” email, given her posts centered around the number 69. Williams thanked everyone for supporting her goal and honoring her father.

“Welp, got the ‘suspicious activity’ email, so gonna have to slow down on 69s and go talk to a robot for a bit. Gonna go back to being off socials for awhile (as I do yearly), but thanks for joining me in honoring Dad (and the number 69) today! … it was ‘nice'”

Robin Williams starred in a number of iconic roles over the years. Some of his best-known roles were voicing Genie in Disney’s Aladdin, John Keating in Dead Poets Society and starring opposite Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting, for which Williams won an Oscar. Many fans shared their favorite performances on Twitter, as well as bits from his standup or quotes from Williams. The UberFacts account shared a particularly fun fact about the actor from production on Mrs. Doubtfire.

“Robin Williams improvised so much while filming Mrs. Doubtfire, director Chris Columbus had the option of making a PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17 version of the movie. He went with the PG-13 version.

During his career, Robin Williams was nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards three times, for Good Morning, VietnamDead Poets Society and The Fisher King. Williams starred in several movies that were released following his passing, including BoulevardThe Angriest Man in BrooklynA Merry Friggin’ ChristmasAbsolutely Anything and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Happy birthday, Robin Williams. You can check out our collected tributes from Twitter.

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